Darkcoin Makes Quick Adjustments after Kristov’s Report


Darkcoin Makes Quick Adjustments after Kristov’s Report

ForexMinute.com – Darkcoin core developer EDUFFIELD, in consent with his team and community, had hired the renowned Bitcoin security and privacy expert Kristov Atlas to figure out the security lapses in Darksend. Last week, Kristov uploaded an exhaustive review of this anonymity-offering technology, whist bringing its voids to the public.

It might be the first time in the history of cryptocurrencies when an altcoin has specifically conducted an open audit to figure out its security loopholes. Darkcoin, for most of us, is one such altcoin, which is offering transparency where it is much required, especially in times when even the most promising looking altcoins are failing in terms of security. EDUFFIELD not only made the Kristov’s repot public but also fixed most of the issues highlighted by the security expert.

The solved weaknesses were related to Contextual Fingerprinting Attack; Significand Attack; Lonely Denomination Attack; Disparate Spending Weaknesses; CoinJoined Spend Weakness; Output Bias Weakness; Blockchain Analysis; and Timing Analysis. Meanwhile, serious and the most vulnerable issues like Masternode Snooping and Sybil Attack (both applicable to CoinJoin) are yet to be solved. The core developer however has pointed out Sybil Attack to be a common phenomenon in other cryptocurrencies as well.

“It’s worth noting that Darksend is not the only technology vulnerable to Sybil attack,” he said. “All peer-to-peer systems have to deal with Sybil attacks, including Bitcoin and Cryptonote currencies.”

Meanwhile for Masternode Snooping, he assured the community of taking necessary steps to retaliate malicious masternodes. “There are other options available,” he said, “such as banning inputs of users that attempt to break the system. Something like this will have to be utilized in addition to a blinded setup to protect the system from abuse.”

It is hinted that solving the Masternode Snooping issue might play a bigger role in the next Darkcoin client update RC5.

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