Darkcoin Latest Hardfork Instable


Darkcoin Latest Hardfork Instable

ForexMinute.com – Ever since the Darkcoin developers announced to implement another hardfork on its network, it was expected that this team will indeed troubleshoot the issues that arose during the previously failed hardfork. The team also kept investors informed about their latest developments, which included the much assured and extensive testing phases to keep the network away from potential instability.

The new Masternode forking finally came into effect on June 20th, but once again got cornered with the issues faced by the last hardfork.

According to the information available on the Darkcoin official blog page, the developers had to once again roll back its hardfork when a series of debug information came from their clients. The issues however were quickly located and saved the Darkcoin network from extensive damage.


What exactly happened after the hardfork was inconsistency in blocks. As per the reason given on the blog, “two blocks are solved at nearly the same moment on the network, and both are propagated and accepted by the network. In the current implementation, both blocks have the same hash, but in these blocks there’s some discrepancy about who to vote for.”

The team has propagated a solution as well, saying that they will work on finding a way through which votes could be able to change the block hash. In this hardfork, the network was treating two different blocks like same. “In one block the miner votes for 88802 and 88803, in the other the miner abstains from voting,” mentioned Darkcoin core developer in the same entry, “When the next block is solved, it’s based on of one of the older blocks, so half of the network believes the miner cheated and rejects the block causing a fork.”

The developer has once again asked some time to fix this issue, and is assuring investors and users to be back on track within 2-3 weeks.

Impact on Darkcoin Market
From few days, the Darkcoin market was trending upwards constantly in the wake of the aforementioned hardfork. Every investor out there understands the importance of a flawless hardfork in the Darkcoin network, which is the only reason the coin’s prices kept coming back to some attractive positions after falling miserably all the time.

With hopes of such hardfork shattered once again, we have seen a considerable drop in Darkcoin prices all of a sudden. Although, the market is tending to recover and fluctuation wildly, it would be still uneasy to say which course it will take in forthcoming hours. The Darkcoin team, on the other side, have to work on creating an optimistic atmosphere in the market like old times. All we can say now is that that they can’t afford mistakes now. Another bug will simply end their stand as the most anonymous and secure cryptocurrency before the potential users and investors, thus affecting its entire economy.

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