Darkcoin Hopeful to Reinitiate Masternode Payments


Darkcoin Hopeful to Reinitiate Masternode Payments

ForexMinute.com – The recent and massive fall in Darkcoin value ended up on a happy note, when the coin successfully recovered its lost ground and recovered successfully in previous days. As known to everyone, the reason of this gravity-loving act was due to a hardfork done on the Darkcoin network, following which the coin’s blockchain was split into multiple forks. Hence, the aforementioned drop in prices.

The Darkcoin team however responded maturely to this whole situation, and reported its investors periodically about every latest update on the coin. Initially, they rolled back to their original self by doing a network recovery – eventually eliminating the hardfork to its core. Then, the team launched new blockchains and wallets to captivate miners. Alongside the launch, the team also raised block rewards.


By that time, the team had also announced that they are not planning to hardfork the network for some time. And what we think is that that the “sometime” has arrived with their latest announcement that came hours before we are writing this article. Read further to know how:

The Darkcoin Fork Elaborated
What exactly caused the Darkcoin forking was the Masternode voting system looking at the wrong previous block. Thus, the clients that were affected by the fork were comparing the current Darkcoin block to an incorrect previous one. As a result, the Masternodes votes were getting manipulated and clients were outright rejecting them.

This development was made after when the Darkcoin Team, in collaboration with InternetApe, inspected the daemons that were running on the wrong forks. It is quite like checking a blood sample to know that disease. In the end, the disease that caused the fury in the Darkcoin market was known and further helped the team to implement new changes while keeping the potential threat in mind.

The New Hardfork Expected in June-July
The discovery of the root problem has once again raised hope for another Darkcoin network hardfork, so as to make sure that its transaction-anonymity services remain unaffected. The team has itself announced to take multifaceted approach to development that include: Recreating the problem on testnet to look out for best fix; and implement automatic checkpoint. An automatic checkpoint, according to the Darkcoin developers, will simply prevent the network from diverging paths.

“In the event of a rejected block, the auto-checkpointing system will be able to tell the daemon to retry it later and put the daemon on the correct chain,” the notice says.

Following the aforementioned approaches, the Darkcoin team have announced the release of two new versions – RC3 and RC4 – in upcoming mid-June and July. While the RC3 update will include the automatic checkpointing, as well as the resolutions for ghost masternodes, the RC4 will include “significant improvements to anonymity and multi ticket support.”

Both these versions, if goes smoothly unlike the previous hardfork, will surely generate a positive inside the cryptocurrency market – taking Darkcoin to further heights.

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