Darkcoin Now Finds Acceptance among Merchants



ForexMinute.com – Rising phenomenally in recent days, Darkcoin has nearly proved itself as a no pump-and-dump coin. Supplementing further is the impeccable anonymity feature it offers to its users, a reason which surely is attracting the merchants from distinctive industries as well. Look further to know how:

It has been nearly four months since the inception of Darkcoin. But it is for the first time the coin is actually finding its place in the real cryptocurrency economy. The clear instance can be given in the name of two diverse businesses that recently announced to accept Darkcoin as one of the payment methods. These businesses include a US-based medical marijuana retail store SouthernCoMarijuana.com, and an online gaming gift card website PremiumGiftCards.com as well.


It is indeed a small start for Darkcoin but the road ahead is quite adventurous if one sees its predecessors Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin. There would be no harm in saying that Darkcoin has indeed inaugurated a whole new and different chapter in terms of cryptocurrency anonymity, especially in times when regulatory bodies are looking towards taxing them – an idea that was never applicable on the cryptocurrency concept.

As strictness towards traceable coins builds up in near future, Darkcoin will surely act as a better alternative to keep transactions hidden from onlookers. It might be one of the many reasons why merchants are building a definite trust towards this booming digital currency.

It is mounting smoothly towards touching the $15 mark. It might be the only altcoin to have surged over 200% in a matter of days, without showing any serious hiccups. With its acceptance expected to grow also, there is no doubt this coin would one day steal Litecoin’s second spot, literally.

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