Darkcoin Developer Demonstrates InstantX on YouTube


Darkcoin Developer Demonstrates InstantX on YouTube

ForexMinute.com – A cryptocurrency’s reputation is obviously attributed to its developer. The more he stays active with his community, the better the cryptocurrency flourishes. This scenario fits well with the Darkcoin, an anonymity-offering coin which has garnered publicity not only because of the futuristic development claims, but also for living up to them. The credit goes to none other than Evan Duffield, Darkcoin’s core developer.

It is good to see this man interacting flawlessly with his community via their official website DarkcoinTalk.ORG. He now has taken further steps to ensure a better and interactive communication, proves a recent YouTube video in which Duffield is demonstrating instantaneous-transaction-feature InstantX.

The demo displays Duffield using two masternodes to test InstantX feature (in the real-world, there will be 10 Masternodes). At first he sends 1 DRK in a normal transaction using an older client. This transaction turns out be unconfirmed for a given period of time. He once again attempts to send more Darkcoin (this time 10 DRK), but with a newer client supporting InstantX. This transaction is confirmed within 2 seconds and the receiver wallet gets updated with the amount sent.

This feature is meant to present an alternative to Bitcoin’s overlong confirmation periods. Duffield is aiming to develop InstantX in such a way, that the maximum time taken to confirm the transaction reduces to only 20-30 seconds in a real-time environment. Bitcoin takes at least 10 minutes for the same.

Darkcoin Market Surges 14%
Upon the release of InstantX demonstration, the Darkcoin price surged heavily (14% at press time). On CoinMarketCap.com, the Darkcoin has jumped to the 8th position as its market cap jumped from $10.3 million to $13.8 million.

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