Darkcoin Delays New Hardforks



ForexMinute.com – In a disappointing notification released hours back, the Darkcoin team announced a possible delay in their much-awaited hardfork RC3. The team reasoned with the coin’s followers by giving a definite explanation, which was their concerns over leaving no loopholes like in the last hardfork.

“We are testing the code extensively for quality assurance and we feel that releasing it on the 18th would be too rushed. We understand that this may cause frustration to some people, but we are absolutely sure that this is for the best,” the announcement stated.

The RC3 will now be launched during late June, as opposed to the mid. This change-in-schedule has further affected RC4 – another new update to improve anonymity and removal of 10 DRK Darksend limitation. This new version has also moved to late July.


Earlier, the Darkcoin team had raced up the recovery mechanism after facing the wrong implementation of RC2 – the hardfork of which went completely wrong and led Darkcoin blockchain to face multiple forks. This whole event had further caused the coin’s prices to fall superlatively within a short span.

Although, the market was soon recovered thanks to the valuable and constant updates from the Darkcoin team regarding the restoration of their cryptocurrency’s protocol. Meanwhile, the team had also announced to implement new updates by eliminating all the issues that caused a wrong hardfork of RC2.

The Darkcoin market though fell again because of a possible classic bubble, and investors were optimistic of the news hardforks – RC3 and RC4 – to help it rise once again. While we can’t exactly say if the aforementioned delay in their launch will cause any further panic inside the market, but investors now must be satisfied with the too much focus that is being put to make these changes perfect.

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