Darkcoin Core Developer Releases New Development Updates Regarding DarkSend+



ForexMinute.com – Keeping the communication active with its strong community base, Darkcoin core developer EFFUFIELD once again took his blog to update users with new developments; this time the plans for implementing DarkSend+ – the Darkcoin’s ambitious anonymity offering project.

In his new post, the developer introduced a new and unique procedure to bring certain efficiency and privacy in the Darkcoin network. As per stated by him, DarkSend+ will now store “pre-mixed, denominated Darkcoins in the user’s wallet, to be used instantly at any time the user desire.” EDDUFIELD also offered to permanently remove the 10 DRK sending limit that was mandatory since the DarkSend v1. The new scheduled hardfork RC4 won’t have such implications.


A complete step-by-step procedure with which DarkSend+ will be implemented is explained below:

There are two entities – one which is sending the Darkcoins and other which is receiving it; we will call them Sender A and Receiver A, respectively. Suppose Sender A possesses 26 traceable Darkcoins and he initiates the transaction using DarkSend+. In this case, all the 26 Darkcoins are sent to “Anonymization Phase” in which the coins are mixed and converted to homogenous denomination subsets between 2 and 8 separate times, once by each masternode in the user-selected chain length. The denominated amounts are deposited back to users’ wallets at randomly generated change addresses.

In simple words, the 26 untraceable Darkcoins and broken into different parts, say, 10, 5, 5, 2, 1, 1, 1, 1 DRK, with each part carrying different address. This will be the completion of Anonymization Phase, after which comes the Transaction Phase. In this phase, the Anonymized Coins are sent directly to Receiver A, with no masternode involvement in the final peer-to-peer transaction.

Impact on the Market
The event has certainly added a short-lived hype to the cryptocurrency market, as it rates against BTC rose exponentially during yesterday’s trading hours, but fell once again though with slow pace. There is no rise expected until the launch of RC4.

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