Darkcoin Core Developer Informs of New Developments in RC3


Darkcoin Core Developer Informs of New Developments in RC3

ForexMinute.com – Failing is not an option anymore for Darkcoin. After facing two consecutive debacles in the name of masternode payments fork, the Darkcoin team is once again trying to launch their much awaited RC3; this time by implementing new strategies and testing mechanisms. The Darkcoin core developer, called EDUFFIELD, informed users and investors about these strategies in details.

In previous hardforks, the problems users faced were related to possible forging of masternode votes, in response to which EDUFFIELD said, “We’ll introduce an “enforcing” setting for masternode payments. This will be turned off at launch making it the equivalent of a soft fork, but will allow us to use the full infrastructure of the Darkcoin network for testing.”


He added:

“In the debug log, the system will complain when any issues arise and users can report such issues. After a period of time passes with no issues, we’ll set a date to begin enforcing. At this time all issues should be dealt with so we’ll have a much smoother launch.”

Implementing these masternode payment network has indeed turned out to be a major challenge for the entire Darkcoin team. The coin had previously made impressive surges in the market based on their impeccable description of their potential network after the hardfork. According to these announcements, Darkcoin masternodes will help ensuring anonymized transactions, and will also boost security and efficiency.

Even the developers are sure of losing all in case this forthcoming updated goes wrong. The Darkcoin market is already hanging only on the basis of the masternode payment fork. What we expect now is a successful implementation of aforementioned strategy to help sustain Darkcoin in this over competitive market of cryptocurrencies.

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