Darkcoin Anonymity Service Resumes after Patch Fix


Darkcoin Anonymity Service Resumes after Patch Fix

ForexMinute.com – A couple of days back, Darkcoin core developer Evan Duffield informed the community about an error that was surfaced in their Darksend feature. He therefore requested users to avoid using the feature for the time being.

“We,” he wrote, “ask that everyone stop using Darksend for the time being, until we’re able to push out a fix to an issue Aswan found. This issue comes from the way fees are paid in Darksend with the combination of the way the client tries to denominate the same amount each round. The result is the possibility to trace a transaction through Darksend.”

For starters, Darkcoin’s Darksend feature is considered to be its backbone, as it brings the much-publicized anonymity-feature for the coin’s users. The flaw mentioned above by Duffield concerned to the same key-feature, which if unfixed could make transactions traceable. May that is why, the developer asked users to simply stop using this obfuscating feature until it is fixed.

He therefore added, “To fix this issue, we will add a mixing stage to Darksend that only mixes fee’s and we’ll have the client mix random amounts each session.” Almost over 36 hours later, Duffield informed the community that his patch work is about 50% done and will be finished by the end of today, November 13th.

And it is…

The Darkcoin developer has once again took his blog to inform users about a successful fix, but is still taking a steady step to ensure its performance in the real world. The healed Darkcoin feature is therefore available only for testing purposes.

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In the meantime, Duffield announced to test V16 before the launch. This new client will come with a number of attractive features, such as limited number of zero-fee transactions for Masternodes, zero-fee tracking, a subscription based model to replace the per-round idea, among others.

To read them thoroughly, visit here.

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