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ForexMinute.com – In order to maintain the overall integrity of its aims, Dark Wallet is taking necessary steps to refurbish its internal code. The world’s first ever privacy-offering wallet company has now announced the availability of a new version of its wallet, named Dark Wallet Alpha 5. This new version is now available for preview for Chrome/Chromium browsers.

There is a multitude of new features launched with new wallet. They include: BitID integration, seed scanning, Watch-Only pockets, as well as big fixes originated in the previous version. As per the information provided by the Dark Wallet developers, each of the aforementioned features has a potential to bring revolutionary changes to crypto-identification procedures on internet.


With BitID login support brings an innovative security protocol that doesn’t rely on traditional username password approach, but rather use the concept of public key cryptography. Details provided by the Dark Wallet team indicates a method following which users will have to login by signing a challenge. This means that there would be only one login, one registration and one logout for a single session, requiring no permanent passwords. It is similar to the OTP services offered by conventional banks.

While, with the Watch-Only Pocket feature a protocol that allows users to view pockets holding an indefinite number of Bitcoin addresses. This feature makes it possible to look into history and notifications but sincerely bars the use of cryptocurrency wallets. Overall, this approach helps users to link more address to boost the probability of privacy.

The Watch-Only pockets however come handy in those cryptocurrency transactions that can only be completed by passing through login contracts. The pocket, already equipped with multiple addresses, keeps the track of these contracts, which are known for switching the state of contact, whenever seems necessary. For this, the Dark Wallet has added a special tool called seed scanning which evaluated present and previous histories of the packet to make sure contract does not deactivate a pocket.

These features are currently in their testing phase.

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