Broker – CVCOption

CVCOption Review

CVCOption is a web-based binary options broker that helps traders trade without downloading any trading platform. With simple trading that is easy to understand with clear explanations and diverse products, this brokerage firm provides a user-friendly trading experience for traders whether new or seasoned. The best part about this broker is it is safe and secure, as it states clear risk/profit ratios from the outset.

CVCOption is recommended for those who like quick and easy deposits/withdrawals and wish to exploit special perks like 10% of investment return even for out-of-the-money options.

Company Information

Company Name:
Billing and clearing support by O.R.L. MARKETING LIMITED 145-157 Street St John Street, EC1V 4PW, London, England Headquarters in Global gateway 8, Rue de la Perle, Mahe. Seychelles
France: +33-184-885-569
London: +44-203-026-5440
Minimum Deposit:
500 EUR, 500 USD or 500 GBP depending on the currency of choice in account.
Languages available:
English, French

Trading Platform

CVCOption brings a range of trading platforms that include Binary Options, Long Term, Fast Expiration, Fixed Option, Ladder, Pairs, etc. to provide an extensive trading experience to traders. Thus, providing proven and reliable software which can detect hot assets, CVCOption offers various trading options and brings the experienced support team that is always up to help traders whenever they need any assistance while trading.

Main Features

There are several features that make CVCOption a reliable and popular brokerage firm. Some features like web-based trading platform, user-friendly trading interface, multiple trading assets, safe and secure investment, etc. make it a distinguished binary options broker. According to its official declaration “the CVCOption vision is to give you, the trader, the safest, most convenient, and all around best trading experience.”

From a look at the mission statement of the broker it looks to be well intentioned; this has however also been testified by the testimonials from traders who have had an excellent trading experience with the broker. They say that it’s pricing and execution modules ensure the use of the most updated and advanced technologies. The broker partners with Reuters, a leading feeds provider, to help traders receive live and accurate data streams.

Safety and Security of Investment

As policy statement from CVCOption says that it has unambiguous terms and conditions that clearly state the difference between real time market price, and option prices, it can be trusted by investors. Also, it provides expiry graphs for any given moment, and ensures trader’s confidence. The broker makes sure that client’s funds are held in a segregated account and used only for trading options through its website upon client’s instructions and are never used for any other cause.

The broker says its liabilities and exposures are professionally handled and it guarantees payouts of client’s profits based on its terms.

Customer Support

CVCOption brings excellent customer support system wherein any queries related to binary options trading or the opening of an account are resolved by the customer care team. The support team responds in a prompt and efficient manner to the queries from the customers through live chat, phone or email, etc.

Deposit and Withdrawal methods

It has excellent deposit and withdrawal procedure wherein proper documentation for personal identification must be supplied by e-mail to when CVCOption account is established. The broker asks for picture ID, address proof and if trader invested by credit card, then a copy of the credit card used for the investment must be sent.

Ultimate Overview

CVCOption is an excellent opportunity provider for private and institutional investors as it commits to providing a niche trading platform that can be accessed anywhere in the world. Contact the staff at CVCOption 24/7. They are professional brokers guiding traders every step of the way, so the earning potential goes one notch up.