CVC Option Review


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CVCOption Review

[00:11] – Hello and welcome to the review of CVCOption – a binary option broker based down in UK. As you can see I am on the website currently and like many binary options brokers, the actual performance of this is done through the webpage. It isn’t necessarily lucky forex broker where they get a Meta Trader 4 platform, and that is because binary options by their birth nature demand very little in their way of technical analysis, either price is going to go above or below at a particular price.

[00:49] – Now I have been said, take a look around the website and you can see they have, you know, some of the more common ones on the front page, as far pairs or just instruments of trade, EUR Dollar, Dollar Yen, etc. Then of course, you know, it will tell you what they are, you know, what particular time of decisions you can take in the binary markets.

For example, if you want to buy a call you think that the Euro is going to go higher, you know, you had buy a call; you say your price, your different strike price obviously. And then you show them how exactly you are willing to risk. In this case, for example, there is 80% payout and for this particular market, you can see call and put payout is 83% so pays out 183 that’s 83% of what you’d risk. So if you put 10 points down, it would be 80.30.

[02:00] – Now that being said it has a quite a huge different ability trade. For example, that is a longer term of trade here and you can see you can change the expiring etc. and the amount obviously, the asset. Fast expiration: this is for alter short term trading. Fixed options, as you can see, is a specific option bought on specific day, time, etc.

For example this would be along the lines of a standard option. Perhaps, if you were used to trade an option on exchanges so look closer to that type of idea. That been said you can see we have that. And it simply shows exactly how you do: you choose an asset from this particular case, say choose Facebook because there are lot of different assets you can use. Amount 50 and potential payout is 280. The payout is 460 for put down under 55.

Now, obviously you can change this; you can change, you know, how you want to trade etc. But then you make you prediction and this particular case put, for example, and you invest and you trade. In this particular case, you rescue 50 pounds and that’s the beauty of it; you have a fixed risk. You never lose more than 50 pounds that being said of course you know you make 280 if you are successful. So, it’s nice and that sounds a very limited risk.

You can look at, you know, quite a bit of information here. There is market review. So they do have experts who will do analysis at this particular session here, and you can read more. And it will tell you what analyst see. In this particular case, they are basically talking about currencies and that might be where the action is. And that is the beauty so should the events coming out as well, newsworthy events. That is the beauty of trading here because you do have so much in the way of markets as far as you can do. So if you find that the currency market is kind of slow, then you do things like, you know, for example, the Facebook stock that I was just taking a look at.

[04:40] – The FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) have pretty much everything you need to know, even from a basic sample like “What is an underlying asset?” Well that’s some commodity or whatever you are trading. So with that you can go back to the trading zone and you can see exactly what’s available. And in this case there are currencies, and you know you click currencies and it bring up some of them but you can always check out the drop down list and see all of the different pairs. The majors are there; there are, you know, some that are little bit more exotic. If you see, this happen to be recorded during the Asian session so the synced hours could be featured. For example, obviously Euro Dollar; Kiwi Yen would be featured; although, you could expect to see more action during Asian trading. There are others, you know, obviously during European or whatever.

[05:40] – So, that in the case, you can also take a look at the commodities (binary trading commodities are not available right now); this is the Asian session so that makes sense. Most of the future markets that commodities are based on are out of Chicago. So that could be based upon Midwestern US time.

Indices: Now you can see again. Asian session so we get to see then the Kuala Lampur futures. For example, you can look at the KOSPI Korea – lot of different options. And as we are in Asia again, we got Australia, etc. So, you look at the stocks: ANZ Bank, Rio Tinio Australia example. But there are other options like Coca Cola in America, and Facebook as shown earlier, etc.

That had be in the case you see there are quite a bit trading opportunities in this particular market may occur at CVCOption and as a result, they could use the ability to play several different types of market at the same time without having to have a specific account for stocks, for indices, etc. So it gives to the ability to take advantage of the inter connectivity we see in global markets.

[07:07]  – For example, if you are bullish of Gold, you don’t necessarily have to own it in Australian Dollars as you were some forex broker. You can actually play gold or you can keep eyes on the gold markets and recognize when it may fell apart, and that should be punishing to the Australian Dollar you placed or out over there. And with a little bit of luck, collect your money and the trade is done.

There are registered in the UK. They have couple of different languages available on the site: French, English, and Arabic. They do have multilingual customer service and there are different ways to deposit money here at CBC option. For example, you go to banking and you can do the wire transfer; you can do via credit card, including VISA and MasterCard; and you know, various things you know various information in here. Limitation of deposit amounts has to be at least 500 units. You are free of the currency to pick from; either the dollar, Euro or the Pound for your account. And then that way you can see that it is fairly small deposit to get involved. You withdraw that right back to your credit card or your bank account, or whatever by using wire etc. And then as a result, its one round in one round out; that is very typical these days.

None the least, it is a varied broker that allows a lot of different trading possibilities so certainly its worth a watch.

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