Cumbria Cabs Now Accepting Bitcoin for Their Services

Cumbria Cabs Now Accepting Bitcoin for Their Services
Cumbria Cabs Now Accepting Bitcoin for Their Services

Cumbria Cabs Now Accepting Bitcoin for Their Services

Cumbria Cabs has become the first in the county to use Bitcoin, a new digital currency. Thus, now customers can pay in Bitcoin for the services such as Airport transfers, Chauffeur driven car hire, Seaport Transfers, Railway Station Transfers, Business/Executive/Corporate Travel, Hotel Pickups, Hospital Pickups, etc.

Low transaction fees and the reduced risk of credit card fraud are the Major Appeal
According to Alistair Nixon, the owner of Cumbria Cabs he was attracted by the very low charges for sending and receiving payments when compared with credit cards, PayPal and other online payments. Bitcoin in the last couple of years have become a reliable virtual currency for a large number of users including of businesses as they consider it the currency of the new era.

Alistair Nixon also says that with a high number of business travelers preferring to pay in Bitcoin, it was a decision that was in his plan for long. He considers that Bitcoin seems an efficient solution to paying for the services that it offers to travelers in Carlisle, the furthest city in the UK from any international airport.

Now, travelers can pay in Bitcoin for the services Cumbria Cabs offers to complete many long journeys to and from airports. Alistair Nixon admits that there are several benefits from Bitcoin; one major advantage is that rather than accepting payments in various currencies, it is better to accept Bitcoin which is accepted globally.


Bitcoin which has been accepted by several outlets like bars, café houses, etc., is now being accepted by cab services providers too. Alistair Nixon says that when business owners realize that they can take bookings and payments from anywhere in the world, in Bitcoin, with a very small transaction charge and fraud risk they will surely want to have Bitcoin as their main option.

The First Company in Cumbria to Accept Bitcoin

Alistair Nixon says that to his knowledge Cumbria Cabs is the first and the only company in Cumbria to accept Bitcoin. He quips, “You can buy a cup of coffee or pay for a cab with Bitcoin in the USA so why not in Cumbria?”

He says that his company started accepting Bitcoin a few weeks ago after opening a merchant account through BitPay. He believes that with the measure the services from Cumbria Cabs will get even more customers than ever as Bitcoin’s popularity is expected to increase a lot.

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