Cryptsy Eliminates Minimum Order Quantity Limits on Digital Coins


Cryptsy Eliminates Minimum Order Quantity Limits on Digital Coins – Big Vern updated via Twitter that Cryptsy has eliminated minimum order limits on digital coins, as well as reduced the minimum fee to 0.00000001. This will directly help the traders that are currently trading altcoins with lower volumes.

The new amendments will also reduce traders’ risks while investing in new cryptocurrencies. As everyday there is an announcement regarding the launch of new digital coins, traders normally buy them because of their low prices and possibly-fruitful returns. Earlier, weaker coins could not be traded due to lower trading amounts. Cryptsy’s innovative step is likely to remove much burden off the traders’ mind for obvious reasons.

This will also help the Florida-based company to expand its network by adding more altcoins. The company will further be able to provide a better and efficient cryptocurrency trading platform to both coin developers and traders, as more and more investments and transactions will be made that will unswervingly add up to the coin’s value, and traders’ returns consequently.


Cryptsy might also give itself a better edge in the game, if the extensive competition is taken into the context. Until now, the company has acquired itself a niche in digital currency market by providing a safe and efficient trading platform to its users.
The company has also lately set some really promising future plans to expand its range of services – introducing exchanges of fiat currency (USD) directly to crypto-currency being one of them. The company also promises to maintain Full Compliance with global, national, and local regulations.

“Cryptsy will expand its service offerings for merchants who want to easily accept Bitcoin and other crypto-currency payments as an alternative payment method for their ecommerce sales. Cryptsy will offer an escrow service for safe and direct user to user transactions,” states the company’s website.

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