Cryptsy Brings in eSpend’s Ripple Gateway Software


Cryptsy Brings in eSpend’s Ripple Gateway Software – Cryptsy, one of the most trustworthy and reliable cryptocurrency exchanges of current times, is integrating with eSpend’s Ripple gateway technology, announced the exchange’s CEO Paul Vernon at the Inside Bitcoin Exhibition in Las Vegas.

“We have been wanting to get XRP on Cryptsy for a long time now,” he said. “The team at eSpend has made it easy and we look forward to working with them to bring in more of Ripple’s features.” Cryptsy’s users will now be able to trade Ripple’s native currency XRP against Bitcoin and other currencies.

Despite the fact that it is not being better documented earlier, Ripple still has made it way through the toughest tests in cryptocurrency arena. A very substantial open-source payment protocol, Ripple is known to be favorite among individuals that are interested in making fast cross-currency payments on a decentralized platform. Though, its home-grown currency XRP has earlier been subjected to criticism for not being accessible to the general public, and for also being a cryptocurrency made only for professionals and business houses. But now, it seems even a layman can get his hands on Ripple, and can move liquid capitals between exchanges for arbitrage purposes.

The service however won’t come into effect until the success of its trial period is ensured. Once done with this stage, Cryptsy will integrate its platform with the eSpend’s XRP bridge technology. Though no official date has been given by the officials , but our trustable sources think that the services will come into effect by the end of this year.

Impact on Ripple Market

The XRP in US Markets is showing significant improvements following the announcement. The XRP/USD has surged over 1% and is currently being traded at 0.004776. Before the announcement, it was valued 0.001415.

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