Cryptocurrency Trading News: Top Coins Stable; Darkcoin, Ripple Impressive


Cryptocurrency Trading News – As predicted, the cryptocurrency market is really showing the signs of stability ahead of the much-hyped Bitcoin summit to be held in Amsterdam. The event is likely to bring the top Bitcoin professionals, as well as settled and emerging entrepreneurs to discuss the future of Satoshi Nakamoto’s gem.

Last 24 hours too have been full of supplement-like-news that has kept Bitcoin away from any negative volatility. As a result, altcoins have also surged slightly, with Darkcoin and Ripple being the top performers. Here is the whole report:

The Bitcoin market is once again opening gates for some positivity. There are several events that have taken place in last 24 hours which has kept the BTC/USD price chart steady. The pair is comfortably trending upwards after opening yesterday at around $437. The early morning report of BitPay raising $30 million in Bitcoin funding, followed by the late news of Bittylicious adding VISA and MasterCard support to its Bitcoin buying service.


The pair closed at around $441, raising 0.5% in last 24 hours. At the time of writing, it is now trading at $441.89.

Litecoin, Dogecoin Steady
The next-best cryptocurrency Litecoin is trading smoothly under the influence of Bitcoin stability. The LTC/USD opened yesterday at around $10.368 and closed at around $10.406. The same can be said for Dogecoin which, despite of being rumored to be stolen in large amounts from popular online wallet Dogevault, is looking ineffective thanks to its wonderful community support. The DOGE/USD is currently trading at $0.000457 after rising 0.7% in last 24 hours.

Ripple, Darkcoin Increases Exponentially
While the popular coins were limited to being stable, Ripple and Darkcoin were stealing the spotlight after rising exponentially in last 24 hours. The former, after expanding its network to Mexico and turning into the first Peso issuer, saw a massive surge in its value. The XRP/USD yesterday opened at around $0.00604 but trended upwards in the following hours, reaching to its day peak at$0.00639. It has further increased today – around 14% – and is current being traded at $0.006882.

Meanwhile it was Darkcoin, the first cryptocurrency for offering complete privacy, which saw the maximum surge in its price in last 24 hours. The DRK/USD rose 15% after the launch of its new updated system RC2 which promises to offer complete anonymity to coin’s users. At this time of writing, the pair is being traded at around $2.81.

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