Cryptocurrency Trading News: Top Coins Show Rapid Gains in the Last 24 Hours


Cryptocurrency Trading News – It seems like that the cryptocurrency clans are finally, and once again, able to wear-off the PBOC fear as the market in the last 24 hours has shown satisfactory improvements. Speaking particularly of the top cryptocurrencies, they have all seen a good rise in those hours thanks to the supporting news from the wires.

At first it was the announcement by Yelp that made the day. The renowned business directory yesterday allowed to advertise merchants who accept Bitcoins. The news is likely to attract more merchants into accepting digital currencies, knowing that their endorsement is in the hands of a reliable company as Yelp.

The Bitcoin world was also introduced with a thing called Dark Wallet – quite like a Swiss Bank for those Bitcoiners who want to keep their coins off the record, i.e. undetected from the government foes. Politically incorrect and ethically correct, this new kind of wallet seems to be a reason why investors drew themselves once again to support the Bitcoin trade. Kinky they are!

Although, another news from MIT – one of the top engineering universities of the world – became the center of attraction around 16 hours ago, when its two students raised around half a million dollars for a project. They even announced to distribute $100 worth Bitcoin to each MIT student. The aim of their project is to create a virtual currency ecosystem inside the MIT – a thing similar to an unknown altcoin UniversityCoin.

Meanwhile, Bitcoin prices once again plunged impressively when the aforementioned news hit the market. Its ripple effect can also be seen in the prices of other currencies, including Litecoin, Dogecoin, Peercoin and others. Let’s have a detailed look:

Upon the Yelp announcement to endorse businesses accepting Bitcoin yesterday, the BTC/USD saw a constant jump for some hours, with its value reaching around $450 from $436. It originally opened at around $430 and eventually closed around $447.


At this time of writing, the pair is being traded at $438, rising 0.5% in last 24 hours.

Litecoin Also Jumps, Dogecoin Falls a Little
The LTC/USD opened today at around $10.3 and is showing stupendous rise since then. At the time of writing, the pair has reached its day’s peak at $10.5. While for the previous day, it remained steady after the announcement of Yelp, while reaching the comfortable position of $10.4. Before the announcement, it was priced at around $10.

Considering the low cost of Dogecoin against the US Dollar, we can say that the DOGE/USD fall of 2% at this time of writing is passable. Also, the pair has risen substantially in last 24 hours, likewise Bitcoin and Litecoin – reaching to $0.00049 from $0.00045.

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