Cryptocurrency Trading News: This Sunday Was Not So Gloomy After All


Cryptocurrency Trading News – It was like Christmas inside the cryptocurrency market as 9 out of the top ten coins increased substantially both in terms of market cap and price. While the master of all cryptocurrencies Bitcoin headed towards a smooth uptrend, other coins such as Darkcoin, Litecoin, Nxt, and Dogecoin also surged impressively in the last 24 hours.

Leave Bitcoin aside for ש few paragraphs, with respect indeed, we would first like to inform you about the quick surge in Nxt coin prices and market cap, that eventually took the POS coin to the third wealthiest market cap position. Earlier, the position was held by Darkcoin which had faced shocking falls due to a masternode payment hardfork gone haywire. Meanwhile, Nxt took this opportunity to revive its position in the market and launched a new asset exchange recently. This move certainly converted into a substantial rise in the cryptocurrency market, resulting into a whopping 19% rise in last 24 hours.


Darkcoin, on the other hand, might have slipped to number 4, but its recovery from the recent blunder is top-notch by every sense. With this coin seeing a comparatively minor raise in last 24 hours, all we can predict is a steady uptrend in איק next hours. Reason being the Darkcoin’s team impeccable transparency with its users. The team has announced a day back about their successful restoration after the hardfork. They have also raised hopes to re fork the network with much secure and efficient changes (read here to know more)

Coming back to our dear and beloved Bitcoin, all we can say is that this currency will never go out of business. The coin is impressively trending upwards since May 30, probably because of leading businesses close-fitting their belts to introduce Bitcoin into איק mainstream. For instance: DISH. Within the last 24 hours, the BTC/USD has been smooth and steady (opening and closing at $619 and $624, respectively). While upon entering the Sunday trading hours, the BTC/USD has shown a substantial jump that has took its value to around $644.

Although, we cannot always trust Bitcoin to rise further tomorrow, until and unless some good events inspires it. As per now, we simply credit the-lack-of-bad-news to be the only factor that has instilled confidence in Bitcoin investors this Sunday.

Litecoin is indeed laying low now a day, with no major announcements on board. Though sometime we do hear about the coin being accepted by certain businesses. The impacts of such muteness on the cryptocurrency market is though minimal. Investors yet believe Litecoin to be the coin that can replicate Bitcoin success and make them millionaires overnight. Maybe that is why, despite staying low profile, the coin is wearing the 2nd biggest market cap tag.

As per its performance in last 24 hours, we must say that it was yet again replicating Bitcoin and was trending upwards, but fell later by a few margins, probably due to surge in other altcoins like Nxt and Darkcoin. We believe that it may be possible that the emerging cryptocurrencies may soon pose as a threat to Litecoin’s position. For now, the quick fall in mid hours today may be because of the investors converting their Litecoin into Nxt, Darkcoin, or even Dogecoin that rose 22% in last 24 hours.

The LTC/USD is though yet being values at around $11.28, and has risen 3.5% in the last 24 hours.

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