Cryptocurrency Trading News: Nxt Soars; Bitcoin Stable; Darkcoin Dropping


Cryptocurrency Trading News – Last 24 hours in the cryptocurrency market are somewhat satisfactory as the top three coins – Bitcoin, Litecoin and Nxt – have seen a significant surge in their prices, owing to multiple optimistic news from the industry.

The most successful coin in the last 24 hours is Nxt whose value has soared over 25% right ahead of the launch of an anonymous product on Nxt AE, announced earlier by Cointropolis. Although, the announcement never revealed any key info and left onlookers expecting something big – probably some million dollar deal.


Although, there is another controversial reason for Nxt’s superlative rise all of a sudden. Many experts have raised issues over Nxt being not mineable, leaving the network in the hands of a few developers that might be manipulating the market ahead of the aforementioned anonymous announcement.

Meanwhile, we can expect Nxt prices to drop in the upcoming days once the pump reaches it threshold. At the time of writing, the NXT/USD is being valued at $0.089138.

Coming back to Bitcoin market, it has been non-volatile in last 24 hours and is trading smoothly. There have been a mix sort of events that could raise or drop Bitcoin prices against the USD, but it seems that the charts are hardly being influenced by global news at all. Here is the report:

The pair opened yesterday at $637 and closed around $640. In between the yesterday’s trading hours, the pair once reached the peak value of $651 probably because of lots of Darkcoin being exchanged for BTC recently. It is a common phenomenon which we also noticed at the time of Darkcoin’s previous fall.

At this time of writing, the BTC/USD is being traded at $647.18 and has surged 1.23% in last 24 hours.

The name is Dark but it keeps changing its color nowadays. Once again after surging so well in previous days, Darkcoin has once again slipped – this time aiming bottom. We believe it to be a bubble pattern as the DRK/USD has risen over 400% in recent weeks, making it come to its threshold, following which it is now seeing a sharp decline.

At the time of writing, the DRK/USD is priced at $11.84 and has dropped 8.5% in the last 24 hours.

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