Cryptocurrency Trading News: Market Recovers as Bitcoin, Litecoin Prices Advance; BlackCoin Soars


Cryptocurrency Trading News – Although at one of its lower phases, the cryptocurrency market is recovering steadily after Thursday’s shocking fall thanks to PBOC. While BTC China yesterday have halted its RMB deposits following the PBOC meeting with Chinese commercial banks and third party payment providers, the only positive news that had supported Bitcoin prices is the recent investments (or announcements) made in favor of Bitcoin businesses.

Here is the full weekend report of Bitcoin and altcoin prices.

Bad is better than worse in the case of Bitcoin if one takes the last 24 hours in context. After falling to as low as around $445 last week due to the PBOC ruling against Chinese Bitcoin exchanges, the BTC/USD climbed a little yesterday and closed around $457. On the previous day, the pair was closed around $451 – thus rising a little around 1%.
Currently the BTC/USD is trading at around $455.

Altcoins Also Show a Little Improvement
Replicated performances are one of the fundamental traits of altcoin. In the last 24 hours also, Litecoin, Dogecoin and Peercoin have tailed Bitcoin’s performance and have shown similar steady improvements. While the LTC/USD closed yesterday at $10.603, after rising to the previous day’s low of $10.412; the DOGE/USD is rather steadier than Litecoin and has remained around 0.00047 throughout the last 24 hours. Peercoin, meanwhile, has the maximum improvement among the top five cryptocurrencies and has risen 1.7% in the last 24 hours, currently trading at $2.19.

BlackCoin Rises 40%
The only currency in the top 10 to have a double-digit growth is BlackCoin which has risen massively against the US Dollar in last 24 hours. The BC/USD has rocketed 40% and is now being traded at $0.16. The alleged reason of such impeccable growth is rumored to be the renowned Canadian Bitcoin exchange Vault of Satoshi, which is said to be planning to include BlackCoin trading instruments to its services.

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