Cryptocurrency Trading News: Market Looking Yawningly Stable


Cryptocurrency vector icons – After a long week melodramatic rise and falls, market now seems to sleeping through its ongoing trading hours. In last 24 hours particularly, almost every top coin is looking stable in its own comfortable zone. At one point it is Bitcoin which if finally wearing off the fears of a speculated 51% attack, and at another point we have Darkcoin enjoying some really smooth surge ahead of its hardfork on June 20th.


The only volatility in the market is been displayed in BlackCoin prices that have surged over 30% in last 24 hours. As we have explained in one of our articles earlier, the quick escalation might have been originated either from the optimism led by the announcement of its new project, or by an old and simple pumping norm.

In the end, the cryptocurrency trading bazaar is in its ideal phase. Here is the full report:

The BTC/USD opened yesterday around $611 and traded without any hiccups for the rest of the day. In the meantime, the Bitcoin market was also optimistic due to certain morale boosting events, including Swedish Central Bank praise for the digital currency, King of Shave accepting Bitcoin, amongst others. The pair eventually closed around $608.

At this time of writing, the BTC/USD is being valued at around $609 and has fallen 0.11% in last 24 hours.

The Litecoin price chart once again mimicked Bitcoin due to lack of any major events. The LTC/USD opened $9.655 and traded likewise Bitcoin for the rest of the day, i.e. smoothly. It eventually closed around $9.622 – a negligible fall indeed. At this time of writing, the pair is being traded at around $9.65 and has risen 0.04% in last the 24 hours.

Despite of BlackCoin catching all the attention after rising over 30% in last 24 hours, it was Darkcoin that actually rose without getting associated with any possible conspiracy theories. After a long month since its last failed hardfork, Darkcoin is all set to once again implement masternode payments through another hardfork it announced in June 20th.

As a result, the market is obviously optimistic as the Darkcoin developers are said to have tested this new version RC3 quite thoroughly. The DRK/USD opened yesterday at around $10.114 and soon surged in the following hours. The pair eventually closed at $10.255. At present, it is trading at around 10.50 and has risen impressively in the last 24 hours – almost 6%.

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