Cryptocurrency Trading News: Darkcoin, Ripple Mount; Bitcoin, Litecoin Stay Gloomy


Cryptocurrency vector icons – After staying gloomy from recent days, the cryptocurrency market once again saw few notes of optimism in the name of Darkcoin and Ripple. Both the coins saw a double digit rise in the last 24 hours, while overshadowing the poor performances of other top coins. Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dogecoin were among such coins that saw mild-to-major drops in their charts.


Coming back to the two winners, Darkcoin was mostly cashing on the latest development updates posted by its core developer EDDUFIELD. The tech-man informed the coin’s community about few major changes that will be introduced sooner in the Darkcoin network – the major among them being the implementation of DarkSend+. (Read here for more information)

On the other hand, Ripple’s rise is not limited to the last 24 hours, but the coin is actually trending upwards from recent days. The most astonishing fact here is that that it is surging without any influence of any major update. In the last 24 hours particularly, the only update we have received from the Ripple Labs is the release of their new white paper on Smart Oracle. Although, we believe that the uptrend we are seeing in Ripple charts are due to the expansion of Bitcoin economy. This is a theoretical though and needs further discussion, until more facts are revealed.

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At one point, the Bitcoin economy is being constantly flourished thanks to various business houses agreeing to fund it; and at another point, it is the Bitcoin market cap which is declining with a gradual yet constant pace. In the last 24 hours, the Bitcoin charts have somewhat replicated its own pattern noticed during Tuesday’s trading hours.

The BTC/USD opened yesterday at around $621 and continued to trend downwards in later hours. Though the falling nature wasn’t that serious but was still alarming enough to hint further drops. At one point, the pair almost dropped in a hurry, but soon recovered its normality. At the end of the day, the BTC/USD closed at around $616.

The trend is somewhat similar even in today’s trading hours. At the present time, the BTC/USD is trading at $615 and has dropped 0.71% in the last 24 hours. The latest news of GHash committing to have 40% Hashrate cap can further influence the Bitcoin prices to go lower. Indeed a great time to do some shopping.


The Litecoin price, volume, and market cap have seen a constant decline since its launch. The trend we see now is nothing but the replica of what we have seen in recent days. It is believed that the Litecoin supporters are themselves waiting for the Litecoin price to hit the bottom. And we wonder what actually the bottom price is this time.

The BTC/LTC opened yesterday at around 0.01371660 BTC and traded stably in the next hours. However, right before hitting noon, it dropped excessively to around 0.01346730 BTC and traded in the straight direction for the rest of the day. The pair eventually closed at around 0.01349060 BTC.

In today’s trading hours, the BTC/LTC has picked up a little pace upward but is still unsure to hint an uptrend. At the present time, the pair has dropped more than 1.5% and is currently priced at 0.01361096 BTC.

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