Cryptocurrency Trading News: Darkcoin Makes Super Comeback; Bitcoin Resilient


Cryptocurrency Trading News – First thing first; as not expected by many, the Darkcoin chart took a sudden U-TURN, and rose exponentially in the last 24 hours thanks to a network restore done by its team following the unsuccessful hardforking. Following the Darkcoin team’s multiple announcements on Reddit, which included a successful fix on the hardfork and launch of a new Darkcoin pool and wallet, investors and miners regained their trust on the coin, resulting into a massive 80% boost in its prices.

But amid the new cryptocurrencies setting up their stardom, let’s not forget Bitcoin which continued to stay stable in the last 24 hours, followed with minimum hiccups in today’s trading hours. Indeed, the coin saw multiple optimistic announcements to support its charts – the most influential one being its acceptance by one of America’s biggest TV content providing companies Dish. Other small yet influential events that kept Bitcoin non-volatile throughout the day were the speculative news regarding the coin being integrated into Amazon in the near future and the announcement of CoinSummit Conference in London this summer.


Meanwhile, other top cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin and Dogecoin fell further in the last 24 hours. Within the same period, the recently launched cryptocurrency Nxt made its presence felt and rose over 15% – the reason of which might be the surge in its tokens on its decentralized AE, as well as the speculations of Nxt to be presented on Payexpo.

Here is the report of the Bitcoin market in last 24 hours:


The BTC/USD opened yesterday at around $574 and fell abruptly, probably because of the coin being converted into Darkcoin. The pair although recovered its steadiness in the following hours and eventually ended up being traded at $576 at the end of the day.  At the time of writing, the pair is being valued at $568, a noticeable fall because of the shut down of popular encryption tool TrueCrypt.

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