Cryptocurrency Trading News: Bitcoin Well Balanced; Nxt Stumbles a Bit


Cryptocurrency Trading News – Last 24 hours in the cryptocurrency market were somewhat average, with Bitcoin staying stable and Nxt falling with a forgettable margin. On the flip side, other top coins including Dogecoin, Darkcoin, etc. had some gloomy time staying stable on the charts and fell miserably in last 24 hours.

Starting with Darkcoin, we earlier predicted the Darkcoin market to have been going through a classic bubble, in which the coin is currently in its downward phase. We can even see today how the DRK/USD pair is losing its steam – an act of dumping. Even at this time, the DRK/USD has seen occasional surges thanks to some positive news from its market – the most influential one being Darkcoin getting listed on Bitfinex.

Owing to the aforementioned events, the DRK/USD fell around 4.7% in last 24 hours. Before that, the pair closed yesterday at around $11.045, after opening at $11.865. The fall seems minimal but is rather crucial for large investment holders. Eventual at this time of writing, the pair is valued at 11.42.


We think the Darkcoin market will recover in the next days, only upon reaching the lower threshold like its previous known fall.

Nonetheless, Bitcoin is currently in its most stable phase. In last 24 hours particularly, the coin is looking extreme comfortable amidst few positive news from the market. The most influential ones include eBay’s CEO advice to PayPal for integrating digital currencies, followed by the 30% profits made by Bitcoin VC investment.

Number wise, the BTC/USD opened yesterday at around $648 and closed near $655, being stable throughout the trading hours. At this time of writing, the pair has increased 1.8% in last 24 hours and is valued at $658.

Ahead of its display at the upcoming PayExpo in London, NXT/USD was trending upwards without any conflicts. The pair also boosted in the wake of many upcoming features Nxt has promised, including alias trade and digital store.

Although, the NXT/USD stumbled a bit in last 24 hours; maybe because investors are selling their coins in high prices. The pair opened yesterday at around $0.09645874 and closed at $0.08905713. At this time of writing, it is valued at $0.088057.

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