Cryptocurrency Trading News: Bitcoin, Litecoin Stable; Darkcoin, Nxt Recovering


Cryptocurrency Trading News – Yet another day in the cryptocurrency market and there is sunshine everywhere. The stormy season is finally hoping to be swept away as the continuously tumbling Darkcoin is finally climbing a few steps up, while Bitcoin and Litecoin are enjoying their comfortable price zone. Meanwhile, it is the PoS cryptocurrency Nxt that has bagged the maximum elevation in the last 24 hours, rising with a stupendous 20% rate. Elaborated below:

It seemed like the market was readied by its loyal investors when it opened at its four-day low $0.06238577, as it trended upwards with more than enough pump during the entire day. Although, the NXT/USD pair fell a little ahead of being closed, but yet managed to once again lure mongers to its impressive step-up chart. The pair closed at $0.0692078.

All we can smell here is something fishy, as the same pair was tumbling aggressively in previous days, especially ahead of Nxt presentation at PayExpo – an event that is sure to bring huge investments into the Nxt market. It seems like that major investors pulled out from the market to intentionally bring the NXT/USD down, so as to buy the available volume at lower prices from miners.

But with the price being surged all of a sudden, the NXT/USD is showing further signs to remain stable throughout the day. At this time of writing, the pair is being traded at around $0.073167.

As expected earlier by us, the DRK/USD is finally, and aggressively, climbing back to its virtue. There still can be two reasons for this surge. One may be yet another pump by its key investors, or the announcement of new hardforks with better features. As per instinct, we believe the former to be the reason.

As a result, the DRK/USD pair, which was being valued at around $8.5 few hours back, is now available at $10.42. That’s around a substantial 12% raise in last 24 hours. The price is hopeful to remain ineffective for next hours as well.

Staying their comfortable zone, the BTC/USD and LTC/YSD market is hardly rising or falling. While the former has risen around 0.5% in last 24 hours, the latter has surged an avoidable 0.08% in the same time. At this time of writing, the BTC/USD and LTC/USD are valued at $653.67 and $11.20, respectively.

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