Cryptocurrency Trading News: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Nxt, Darkcoin Take a Nosedive; Ripple Surges


Cryptocurrency-Trading-News-Bitcoin-Litecoin-Dogecoin-Rises-Auroracoin-Drops – Fall-after-rise is not a new thing with digital currencies, or any trading currency around the world. In the last 24 hours, most of the top coins, including the likes of Bitcoin, Litecoin and Nxt, have seen the similar trend. “It happens every 235 days” is the best answer we could get from a Bitcoin user. But let us also explore other possibilities as well.

At first, the Bitcoin’s economy is truly flourishing no one can doubt that. May be that is why the Bitcoin price charts managed to stay in a relatively comfortable phase for so long. But when we eradicate the last 24 hours from its last week’s performance, we can notice a substantial fall that may have been influenced by a handful of impatient traders. A sell-off can be the best answer as per now.


But the similar falls can be seen almost in every top coin’s chart. The so-called silver currency Litecoin fell right after Bitcoin’s surprising dive – indicating a clear and a long-lost influence of BTC over LTC. Meanwhile, Nxt too saw a major drop in its market cap, as well as prices, after the notable fluctuation in Litecoin charts. We are not relating LTC with NXT however; Nxt fall looks more like a dump to us.

Ripple although had a better hours than the rest of the clan. The coin is clearly on a smooth uptrend as per now. We should know that Ripple is a digital currency as much as it’s a protocol that offers multiple business-oriented services. The substantial investments in Bitcoin economy might have been helping Ripple to a great extent. However as a coin, it is also prone to a decline after attaining its best-possible peak.

Here is the report of a few:

On July 23rd, the BTC/USD opened at $621 and rallied upwards without any resistance. Upon reaching the peak of $624, the pair surprised the onlookers with a sudden fall and dropped to around $618. It eventually closed at around $619.

Upon entering today’s trading hours, the BTC/USD, for some time, sailed smoothly. It although started to decline around the debate on New York regulations, which took place in San Francisco lately, and was attended by the major players of the Bitcoin market. There is more to say about this report’s exact impact on the Bitcoin and other coin’s market.

At the present time, the BTC/USD is trading at $607.43 and has dropped 2.64% in last 24 hours.

The LTC/BTC opened yesterday at around 0.01377800 BTC and sailed smoothly around the same price in the following hours. Though, the pair fell abruptly after the Bitcoin’s drop – recalling the same old trail. It closed at 0.01363490 BTC at the end of the day.

At the present time, the LTC/BTC has fallen over 2.5% and is currently being traded at 0.013581811 BTC.

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