Cryptocurrency Trading News: Bitcoin, Litecoin Calm; Nxt, Darkcoin Slips; Peercoin Rockets


Cryptocurrency Trading News – Last 24 hours in the cryptocurrency market has remained in favor of most of the coins, with Bitcoin, Litecoin rising a bit despite losing their value for some time; and Peercoin almost rocketing towards a profitable end.

On the flip side, we also have the star of previous days Nxt, which finally seem to have been showing the signs of a downtrend, despite its value being greater than its value 24 hours back. Darkcoin, meanwhile, is showing no signs of recovery (or even panic sale) and is continuing to depreciate in the last 24 hours.


Speaking of the father of all cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, we can say it is indeed in its most stable zone, with its supports and resistances almost being equal. The coin although suffered a little blow today after the central bankers reportedly asked virtual currencies to fall under an authoritative control. But the gravity of the event was not that damaging, and Bitcoin soon recovered to its stable state once again, in which it is still in.

Prior to today, the Bitcoin was trending downwards throughout yesterday, with its value slipping from $657 to $651. As the slipping remained nonvolatile, we can assume that a handful of investors were simply shorting their coins in exchange of fiat currency or other cryptocurrencies (Nxt Probably). At the current hour, the BTC/USD is being valued at $655 and has risen 0.30% in the last 24 hours.


Following the patterns of Bitcoin chart, the LTC/USD simply tailed its events in the last 24 hours. The pair showed a similar downtrend like Bitcoin, as well as the similar stumbling nature in today’s trading hours, followed with a recovery. With Litecoin today being the coin for merchants, by being constantly accepted in various businesses, its chart has recently been away from too much excitement. Although the definite influence of Bitcoin over LTC/USD is still unexplainable.


As a result, the LTC/USD opened yesterday at around $11.271 and slipped to $11.186. Upon entering the today’s trading hours, the pair yet again saw a considerable lump and fell to $11.043 but soon recovered following the Bitcoin chart and is now trading at a stable $11.18.


The best performer in the last 24 hours was Peercoin. The PPC/USD pair rose magnificently after the launch of PeerUnity few days back. The new community-developed wallet is said to be more secured and user-friendly than the Peercoin’s previous wallets (more here). The launch of a new wallet has indeed attracted the miners towards Peercoin, hence the visible increase in value after 5 days of its launch.

As of last 24 hours, the PPC/USD has increased over 9% and is now being valued at $1.73.


In an unlike event, NXT/USD stumbled a bit in last 24 hours, especially when it’s much awaited presentation in PayExpo, London is hours away. The pair opened yesterday at around $0.0868 and closed eventually by falling to $0.7753. Although, the pair’s value is still greater than its value 24 hours ago, but it is still trending downwards. As per now, the NXT/USD is valued at $0.077123 and has increased 1.5% in last 24 hours.

Coming to Darkcoin, which is not showing any signs to recover, despite staying comparatively stable than previous days in last 24 hours. This time, the coin has fallen almost 5.5%, which has brought its value to $11.244.

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