Cryptocurrency Trading News: Bitcoin Inclines Comfortably; Litecoin, Dogecoin Falls; Darkcoin Continues to Impress


Cryptocurrency Trading News – Last 24 hours in cryptocurrency market have seen impressive inclinations in almost every coin’s price, with few avoidable hiccups. This comes as great news for the entire cryptocurrency clan that was previously been subjected to huge falls caused by Chinese Central Banks new rulings.

The market once again moved towards inclination ahead of the Bitcoin Summit 2104 that was held recently in Amsterdam. The fruitful announcements made during the event by Overstock and Circle further stimulated the market’s positive sentiment, following which the Bitcoin and other altcoins are comfortably trending upwards; last 24 hours is just the example.

Meanwhile, yesterday was itself full of market boosting events, which include the WikiLeaks founder’s kind words for the future of Bitcoin; Circle revealing its strategy to boost Bitcoin into mainstream market; US and Japanese Politicians magnetizing themselves to the digital currencies; as well as Budweiser and Coinbase teaming up to distribute free Bitcoins among college crowds. All such news have contributed well to the Bitcoin (and altcoin) market in the last 24 hours. Look further to know more:

Following the May 20th massive upswing, the BTC/USD hasn’t seen a thing called downfall with its prices being floating comfortably in last the 24 hours. The pair opened yesterday at around $491 and closed around the same price as well, ensuring stability for today’s trading hours as well. Although, the latest reports coming from the market is indicating that the BTC/USD has crossed the $500 mark as well.

At this current time of trading, the pair has increased around 3.5% and is being traded at $511.43.

Litecoin Falls Slightly; Darkcoin Surpasses Dogecoin in Market Cap
Litecoin might have faced a little jolt due to a possible 51% attack on its mining pool Coinotron, but the LTC/USD have successfully sustained its prices in last 24 hours. The pair opened yesterday at around $10.644 but declined in early hours due to the aforementioned event. The pair eventually found support at around $10.45 when another news hit the market, saying the Coinotron had dropped its pool share by 20%. This ultimately led to another stable inclination for Litecoin, as the LTC/USD managed to close at around $10.6 at the end of day, facing a minimal fall.

At the time of this writing, the LTC/USD is being traded at around $10.69.

The major news of the day is however reserved for Darkcoin, which not only increased massively in the last 24 hours (around 40%) but has also surpassed Dogecoin in the race of top cryptocurrencies by market cap. The reason why Darkcoin is surging so impressively is the amount of brains it has attracted because of its impeccably unique transaction features (read here).

Dogecoin, on the other side, has fell 2.5% in last 24 hours and is currently being traded at around $0.000448.

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