Cryptocurrency Trading News: Bitcoin Calm; Dogecoin, Darkcoin Going South; Peercoin Jumps


Cryptocurrency vector icons – Last 24 hours in the cryptocurrency market has been well enough for few coins, but are equally sad enough for other few, especially those in top ten market cap list. With Bitcoin finding a much-awaited surge and stability, and Darkcoin and Dogecoin continuing to lose its edge, the last 24 hours in market were of equal proportions.

But meanwhile, it is Peercoin that became the talk of the digital town when it climbed one step above in the cryptocurrency market and grabbed the status of the 4th richest digital currency, beating Darkcoin by margin. This escalation also helped Peercoin injecting optimism in the market; its value against the USD has increased 12% in last 24 hours.

On the other side, the reason of Litecoin sudden drop is unearthed by its blockchain. An anonymous Litecoin user sold its 30,000 units of coins in exchange of either fiat or cryptocurrency that ultimately injured the coin’s market cap and price. This also gave critics to mouth few bad words for Litecoin. Although, it is still possible for the coin to rebound anytime soon (read here).


Dogecoin was further a talk of the town for all wrong reasons. It dropped more than 12% in the last 24 hours and gave air to the speculation that was predicting it to have been losing its steam earlier. The community however looks calm as ever and is hoping to deal with this drop by simply ignoring it;.

Here is the full report:

This pair opened at a comfortable point – around $646 – and went on closing at $648. The rise and stability achieved by BTC/USD, thanks to the Silk Road Bitcoins auction, was certainly visible in yesterday’s trading hours and is hopeful to remain the same even today.

At press time, the BTC/USD is being valued at around $647 and has increased 0.38% in last 24 hours.

The killing drop LTC/USD saw earlier still has its impact on. The pair opened yesterday at around $7.9, but quickly surged in following hours to eventually reach the peak of $8.42. It although failed to stay there and fell once again due to negative sentiments in the market. The pair eventually closed at around $8.128.

At press time, the LTC/USD pair has surged over 0.75% in last 24 hours and is valued around $8.07.

The first transaction anonymity offering digital currency Darkcoin is itself becoming anonymous with each passing day. The coin continued to trend downwards in yesterday’s trading hours, probably because of the lack of any major announcement regarding its hardfork. Its pair DRK/USD opened at $8.169 and went on slipping throughout the day, to eventually close at around $7.

At press time, the pair has fallen around 6% in last 24 hours and is trading at $7.63.

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