Cryptocurrency Trading News: Auroracoin Crashes; Dogecoin Surges; SiliconValleyCoin Impresses


Cryptocurrency Trading News – Last 24 hours have been a touch disappointing in the cryptocurrency markets, as only four out of top ten currencies have seen a rise in their value. Sad thing is: these four don’t include Bitcoin, Litecoin, Auroracoin and Peercoin – the currencies with the highest market cap.

Bitcoin though has fallen very slightly as compared to its counterparts. At the end of April 1, the BTC/USD pair was trading around 463.44. Upon entering April 2, it has reached the peak price of $488.496, and has fallen 0.81% at the time of writing, and is trading at $479.94.


The price is hopeful to remain between $450 and $500 throughout the day, as no major announcements are due. On the other hand, reports of a very renowned Australian real estate company Forsyth beginning to accept Bitcoin can further inject confidence in the market, and what we can see today is a very stable price range.

Litecoin has also fallen around 2% against the US Dollar in the last 24 hours, amidst the uncertainty of its Hard Forking. Although, hard forking cannot be blamed only for its minuscule downfall, as other factors such as rise of SiliconValleyCoin is also to be blamed for the sudden but slightly trend shift.

As the time of writing, the LTC/USD pair is comfortably trading at 13.58 while its peak value until this time has been 13.599. Expectations are that its price will marginally increase throughout the day, as BTC-e has reportedly announced to add LTC/GBP pair trading. KnCMiner has also started to accept Litecoin now that will further inject confidence into the cryptocurrency markets.

Dogecoin and Auroracoin – Currencies Poles Apart
Dogecoin is among the only leading digital currency that has shown a little elevation in the early trading hours of April 2nd 2014 – almost +0.86%. On the other hand, Auroracoin, the currency which took itself quite seriously is going seriously downwards, with yet again falling 12.7%. The AUR/USD is currently trading at $3.04.

Welcome SiliconValleyCoin to the Top Ten
SilicoinValleyCoin has entered the top ten market caps lists within just weeks of its launch. It is yet another local-based cryptocurrency after Hullcoin that has been launched especially for the tech-rich Silicon Valley. Last 24 hours have brought innumerous investors’ trust to SilicoinValleyCoin with its market cap crossing $15m.

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