Creditbit Project Fires on all Cylinders as CRBit Value Surpassed US$1.5


The past few days have been quite existing for all CreditBit holders. After the developers announced some major news and started transferring the tokens to the Ethereum blockchain, the CRBIT price has been appreciating significantly. This trend has continued over the past few days, resulting in a Creditbit market cap of over U$19.1 million.

Creditbit Continues Its Dominant Trend

Even though one cannot trade CreditBit on any of the more traditional exchanges, the currency is doing quite well on both the Livecoin and DABTC exchanges. Over the past week, CRBIT not only hit the US$1 mark, but even successfully surpassed it without much resistance. Do keep in mind this is made possible with about US$300,000 worth of trading volume every day. If Creditbit were to appear on a bigger exchange with more mainstream investor appeal, prices would easily skyrocket.

This price increase is mostly driven by developmental changes coming to Creditbit. To be more specific, the developers have been working hard on more translations, allowing the team to extend their reach on a global scale. Additionally, the fact anyone can implement Creditbit in any other service running on the Ethereum blockchain has attract quite a lot of attention in recent weeks.

On top of that, there is the review of the Creditbit white paper by Charlie Shrem. Having such a household name in the cryptocurrency world lending a helping hand to the Creditbit white paper is a significant validation of what the project has to offer. Rest assured this news has attributed to the recent CRBIT value appreciation as well. Shrem also met with the Creditbit CEO, indicating a future collaboration between both individuals may be on the cards.

It is evident investors all over the world are keeping a keen eye on what is happening with the Creditbit project right now. This translates to a strong daily trading volume on the Livecoin exchange, both in the Leocoin and Bitcoin trading segments. DaBTC provides a convenient CNY gateway for CRBIT, allowing the currency to gain some traction in China as well. The project is firing on all cylinders, and future price increases will occur sooner rather than later.

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