Creditbit Price Rises as First Round of Migration Nears Conclusion


Creditbit is back at what it does the best, making waves in the crypto community! Creditbit, with its successful first round of Migration underway, is consistently climbing the price charts.

Creditbit, an open source software project released under the MIT/X11 license, whose first round of migration, along with the recent launch of Creditbit’s Chinese whitepaper has brought in a fair bit of speculation and a lot of traction for the cryptocurrency.

The successful first round of migration is nearing conclusion and will end on April 8, 2017. Creditbit recently even announced the completion of last step under Migration which was unlocking all the remaining functions including transaction, locking, claiming creditbond reward.

The hype around the crypto is tangible and is demonstrated by its movement up the price charts. Creditbit is now being traded at 0.304821 USD with a market cap of 3,831,685 USD and Volume (24h) at 56,320 USD.

Further, Creditbit plans to unveil CreditGAME within a few days of conclusion of the first round of migration. After the users have entered in to a distribution group by temporary locking (pawn) down their coins, they can participate in CreditGAME.

Distributing algorithms are games, where players test their skills and/or knowledge. Several different games can be activated at the beginning of each period of distribution, each with fixed amount of new coins for a distribution. Games will have different dynamics, rewards and lock-down fees.

Players can enter these games anonymously, only with a transaction to a game account.

Games will be peer to peer where players can compete in 1-to-1 games anonymously for the CreditBOND yield. Both players will lock an equal amount of tokens for a certain period and enter the game. A winner will collect both yields for this locking period, but ownership of locked coins does not change. This mechanism is actually reallocating the CreditBOND yields for locked tokens.

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