CreditBit Delivers on its Promise of a Big Announcement as CRB Goes Live on Bittrex


Creditbit just keeps getting bigger and better, mostly to the delight of the coin holders. The recent big news for the crypto is definitely set to make the Creditbit community, one happy community and will also act to further strengthen the community’s trust in CRB.

Creditbit recently announced the news of it being listed on Bittrex via its social media channels. The news was first shared by one of the founders of Bittrex, Richie Lai, on Twitter. He announced the opening of CreditBit- Bitcoin pair on the exchange.

The excitement in the community over this positive development for the Creditbit project can be seen on the crypto discussion platform, Bitcoin Talk. The community members have been widely anticipating the interest of big exchange platform in Creditbit for months now, and CRB’s addition to Bittrex only consolidates their trust in the project and opens up the doors for a wider outreach for the cryptocurrency.

The news was widely commended by the community and the reception to the new CRB/BTC pair on Bittrex was also positive as the order books started filling in within minutes of its launch. The order books are seeing an increased activity regarding the pair as the time passes.

Bittrex has become the fourth major exchange to add Creditbit after Livecoin, DABTC and CryptoDao. The news of Creditbit’s listing on Bittrex has helped the CRB price to skyrocket and cross the $1 mark. Creditbit price has been slowly picking up for the past week as its volume saw a 200% spike within a week and its market cap more than doubled in a matter of days.

With its inclusion on Bittrex, CRB’s demand is speculated to increase even more as its reach widens. The long overdue inclusion of CRB on Bittrex also validates the hard work that the Creditbit dev team has put in the project and the Creditbit community, which has shown an unwavering faith in it.

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