CoSign Coin Releases Secure Bitcoin Escrow for Customers

CoSign Coin Releases Secure Bitcoin Escrow for Customers
CoSign Coin Releases Secure Bitcoin Escrow for Customers

CoSign Coin Releases Secure Bitcoin Escrow for Customers

CoSign Coin has announced that it has brought in perfectly designed secure Bitcoin escrow for customers. In its press release issued, the company said that to be as intuitive and user-friendly as possible, especially in the complicated ‘multi-signature’ world, the secure Bitcoin escrow will be one of the best options for safe and secure transactions.

CoSign Coin says that there is no question that this process will get more simple as wallet clients integrate multi-signature features and multi-signature becomes more commonplace. In its announcement the company admitted that it has made all attempts to make it as transparent as possible, ensuring users are fully aware of what is happening with their funds.

In its announcement CoSign Coin explained how their new Secure Bitcoin Escrow, which uses multi-signature wallets and transactions, is going to transform the way transactions are being carried out. In fact, the company which is looking to reach out to Bitcoin related communities in hopes of spreading their secure service is expanding its reach to new segments of customers.

CoSign Coin, a multi-signature company is an Escrow-based service and has been one of the best options when it comes to providing protection from thefts, fraud and malice. The company has been able to deliver secure escrow with the help from a BIP-0016 multi-signature address wherein funds are never centered in one area of control.


The Website Went through Metamorphosis after the Launch of Secure Bitcoin Escrow
CoSign Coin says that after the launch of the Secure Bitcoin Escrow, it has got its website revamped so that it can provide better services to its users. Some new features have been added and redundant features have been taken off. For instance, the new features like a Live Chat option and a Classified Ads section have been added to it.

According to the company representative now users will be able to connect with others to buy, sell and trade goods with Bitcoin. Nonetheless, users now have the ability to to connect to the service via a Tor or I2P Hidden Service. Now, the company aims to bring confident and secure multi-signature transactions for mainstream use.

Though CoSign Coin admits that this process will take some time to perfect and average users won’t fully understand the concept of the multi-signature Escrow over night, it hopes that it will be able to make customers understand the service in due process.

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