Controversies Begins to Surround Moolah and “So-Called” Alex Green


Controversies Begins to Surround Moolah and “So-Called” Alex Green – A lot of drama and suspense is circulating around Moolah, the cryptocurrency exchange that recently announced to file for bankruptcy in the wake of financial losses. Shortly after posting the farewell blog, Moolah suddenly cancelled the bankruptcy plans and announced to reopen their business, thanks to some secretive additional investments they received.

In the meantime, several accusations were made against Moolah and its CEO Alex Green – all by separate faultfinders. At first, Dogecoin Foundations members Jackson Palmer and Ben Doernberg posted some shocking and unbelievable information on Alex Green, questioning his identity by revealing a look-alike that goes by the name of Ryan Kennedy. Ryan’s profile on Facebook was posted as a screenshot to prove the accusations. In the picture, there was also a woman with Alex “Ryan” Green who, as per Palmer, is the CEO’s wife.

Replying to the senior Shibes, Alex Green has posted on Twitter that he is seeking UK legal advice tomorrow, and will surely verify is identity using a reliable media channel. We will keep our tabs on this.

In another news, one of the Moolah former employees took /r/Dogecoin to criticize the non-transparent approaches practiced by Alex and his other teammates. He also promised the community to soon reveal the company’s chat logs to prove his accusations. He wrote:

“I had absolutely no idea. I honestly am at a loss for words [……] I am a big proponent of transparency, something that you all wanted and “Alex Green” never gave you. So, I will be dumping the entire team skype chat logs from April 7th, 2014 until June 17th, 20014. Over 870 pages. It will be entirely unedited except for sensitive details such as people’s bank account info, addresses, etc. This will take a lot of time for me to do, but as soon as it is done, expect to see it.”

The round of accusations isn’t ending just there. Some of the Moolah’s customers took it further by swearing on Twitter and Reddit that they will not be joining such a “crappy” company again, whether they return from dead or not. There is a strong pessimistic sentiment that just wants to wash away Moolah, and everything it brought to the cryptocurrency sector in last 10 months.

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