Conference on Bitcoin to Be Held in Atlanta, GA in October This Year

Conference on Bitcoin to Be Held in Atlanta, GA in October This Year
Conference on Bitcoin to Be Held in Atlanta, GA in October This Year

Conference on Bitcoin to Be Held in Atlanta, GA in October This Year

Titled “Bitcoin and the Future of Money,” Bitcoin conference will be held on October 5, 2013 in Atlanta, GA. It will be another major event that will bring stalwarts in the industry together. The conference is being held in commemoration of the four years of Bitcoin’s launch in October of 2009.

The official website of the organization claims that whether someone is new to the Bitcoin world or a savvy code monkey who has been mining for years, this conference invites all into a compelling conversation. In fact, according to the website it is one event that cannot be avoided as industry experts are going to deliver their opinions on the future of the crypto-currency to help interested people know the future of the virtual currency.

Remembering Bitcoin, a Four Year Old Baby

The organizations admit that October 5 will always be remembered in the human history as on this day in 2009, Bitcoin, a protocol for new Internet money posted its first exchange rate to the dollar. From that day to today, Bitcoin has become one of the best investment options for a large number of investors and traders worldwide.

Today Bitcoin has become the combination of money and a payment system that is rocking the world; the event will explore all these possibilities and address the issues that are being faced by the revolutionary currency. A release says that on October 4, the organizers will give welcome reception at the offices of BitPay in Atlanta, Suite 516, Atlanta Tech Village.

The release from the organizers of “Bitcoin and the Future of Money” states that a large infrastructure of global businesses have been built up around Bitcoin and lately it has become a popular option for global payment processing, casual exchange of debts, donations to nonprofits, online gaming, etc. for traders and investors as well as techno savvy people.


The release admits that the organizers and co-sponsors of the conference that include the Foundation for Economic Education, Bitcoin Magazine, BitPay, and Let’s Talk Bitcoin are trying to make the event a success.

The Conference Will See Stalwarts of the Industry

Aiming to foster conceptual and technological understanding of Bitcoin, and explore entrepreneurship and consumer use of crypto-currency technology, the conference will welcome renowned speakers that include Jeffrey Tucker, Tony Gallippi, Stephan Kinsella, Doug French, Michael Goldstein, Peter Surda, Charlie Shrem, Charles Hoskinson, Daniel Larimer, Cathy Reisenwitz, Adam B. Levine, Tuur Demeester, Daniel Krawisz, etc.

The organizers admit that this is the first large-scale Bitcoin conference in the Southeast of the United States.

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