Colorado Based Marijuana Vending Machine to Accept Bitcoin

Colorado Based Marijuana Vending Machine to Accept Bitcoin
Colorado Based Marijuana Vending Machine to Accept Bitcoin

Colorado Based Marijuana Vending Machine to Accept Bitcoin

It was expected as it is more like the natural next step to legalized pot. Now, a Colorado based company has brought forward a new vending machine where there are no middle men for marijuana sales. It not just gives buyers a speedier, after-hours means of purchasing the drug but also an attractive opportunity for Bitcoin customers.

Now, customers can pay in Bitcoin to buy marijuana through this vending machine called ‘ZaZZZ.’ According to the users who have firsthand experience these machines offer a number of novel compliance features that may include inter alia a driver’s license reader and a camera that captures video of users.

The best part according to Bitcoin supporters is that though there are several rich features in ZaZZZ machines that accept a number of payment options including the ZaZZZ Card, cash, etc. it also accepts Bitcoin. The COO of American Green who built ZaZZZ, Stephen Shearin says that Bitcoin is the right fit for his brand as it is quick, it’s efficient, and it is trackable as well.

Debuting at a dispensary in Eagle-Vail, Colorado at the Herbal Elements shop, the vending machine is expected to meet the requirements from thousands of customers who can now buy marijuana legally. The ‘ZaZZZ’ machines serve as an ancillary service for dispensaries, appealing to those who want to make purchases quickly.

With vending machine buying marijuana will become easier for those who need it for medical purposes but shy away because of years of prohibitions that were lifted recently. A lot of people don’t buy marijuana; however, the recent medical studies show that it can also be used for treating some diseases and for that prescribed by some physicians.


Paying With Bitcoins Will Be Easy Says Stephen Shearin

There won’t be any trouble while customers are transacting at the vending machine and paying with Bitcoin. As Stephen Shearin explains that customers paying with Bitcoins will find a transaction system nearly identical to the ones they would use at a merchant that accepts Bitcoin.

He says that paying with Bitcoin is exactly like Bitcoin wallet to pay anywhere else. Here when the customers have selected their product and move to the payment stage, they can then opt to pay with Bitcoins.

The vending machine produces a QR code which the customer can then scan with their Smartphone and once the machine accepts the digital currency, the customer takes their product and the transaction is completed.

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