Colombian President Santos Backs Medical Marijuana Initiative


Colombian President Santos Backs Medical Marijuana InitiativeColombian President Juan Manuel Santos threw his weight towards the campaign to legalize medical marijuana in the country. Mr. Santos backed the proposal, which is being deliberated on by Colombian legislators, saying that it is a “compassionate response” to the pain that people with terminal illnesses have to endure.

He also backed the proposal, saying it would wrestle away the lucrative illegal trade from drug traffickers. The country has borne some of the highest incidences of drug-related violence in the world. It is also known as the world’s biggest cocaine grower, a feat it shares with Peru. Marijuana is also illegally cultivated in the country.

Most of Colombian illegal drug shipments are sneaked into the United States through Mexico and Central America.


“We look favorably on the initiative on the medical and therapeutic use of marijuana,” BBC News quoted Mr. Santos as saying during a drugs forum in Bogota, Colombia.”It’s a way to stop criminals from acting as intermediaries between the patient and a substance that is going to ease their suffering.”

The bill that is seeking to have medical marijuana declared legal in the country is being sponsored by Santos’ party and is scheduled for debate in Colombian Congress.

Drug trafficking, particularly of cocaine has financed the country’s insurgents and sustained the lengthy internal conflict that has been wracking the Latin American country for decades.

Meanwhile, a British Columbia Court of Appeal ruled that it is unconstitutional to ban registered medical marijuana users marijuana-infused products such as body creams and cookies. Justice Risa Levine ordered the Parliament to amend rules to permit medical marijuana users to use marijuana-laced products such as oils, creams, brownies, cookies, chocolate bars and cakes within one year.

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