College Goers to Receive Bitcoins in Coinbase Promotion


College Goers to Receive Bitcoins in Coinbase Promotion

Coinbase, an online wallet and payment provider, has launched a promotional bitcoin giveaway targeting students.

The exchange said it would give students $10 worth of bitcoins each if they sign up for a Coinbase account using genuine .edu email addresses. Coinbase says that the promotion, which commenced a couple of days ago, had elicited an impressive response.

A leaderboard posted on the company’s blog showed Chicago to be leading among popular university domains. Chicago topped with 496 new memberships using email addresses. Texas came second, registering 290 new bitcoin enthusiasts on email addresses. Berkeley University of California was placed third with 232 new Coinbase members.

The company said the promotion was inspired by a move by two MIT students who mobilized funding to give $100 in bitcoins to 4,500 students taking undergraduate courses at the university, according to Coinreport.

The move is aimed at demystifying bitcoin to students who are not familiar with it, giving them a chance to try it out and understand its potential.


“At Coinbase, we were inspired by this project and hope we can contribute to the growing interest of bitcoin among college students,” Coinbase said in a blogpost.

The virtual currency wallet is requesting users to spread the word by tweeting or sharing the blog post. The post has instructions as well as terms of service.

Coinbase says the promotion is time constrained, although it doesn’t reveal when it will pull the plug on it. The offer applies to one customer through one access device.

Participants are informed that not all universities may be supported, despite the bitcoin firm saying the promotion was not US focused, Coindesk reports. Coinbase said it tried to take care of 500 top universities in the world, but can’t guarantee all are eligible.

Also, universities with cases of abuse will be disqualified.

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