Cointter Launches a Two-Way LocalBitcoins ATM in Helsinki, Finland

Cointter Launches Two-Way LocalBitcoins ATM in Helsinki, Finland
Cointter Launches Two-Way LocalBitcoins ATM in Helsinki, Finland

Cointter Launches Two-Way LocalBitcoins ATM in Helsinki, Finland

Cointter launched a two-way LocalBitcoins ATM in Helsinki, Finland without much fanfare. The announcement came in its official website wherein it says that the Cointter’s LocalBitcoins ATM at the Delish store is open for public testing 24/7. The company says that the machine is surprisingly easy to use.

The best part of the Bitcoin ATM is that it is the first two-way Bitcoin ATM in northern Europe and amongst the first ones in the world. Currently, Cointter operates two ATM’s located in the city center: one at Delish store, which is already live in testing, and another one at Restaurant Kynsilaukka which is going to open on April 9th.

The demand for Bitcoin ATMs, particularly, the two-way ATMs are going up as these are proving most useful in enabling cross-border e-commerce for underbanked parts of the world. However, that does not mean that developed economies like Finland cannot benefit from them. For instance, here too customers can have easy access to money with Bitcoin ATMs.

The two-way Bitcoin ATM will help customers withdraw cash in local currency at competitive rates, again, without needing a bank account or ATM card. They can also convert and excess local currency back into Bitcoin, something many conventional ATMs do not allow. Thus, there seems various benefits that the customers in Helsinki going to take.


Bitcoin ATMs bring a lot of Convenience for Travelers

This will definitely be good news for travelers from other parts of the world who often need to exchange their money to the local currency. If they have Bitcoin in their wallet, they won’t need to carry cash; rather, arrive at the Bitcoin ATM in Helsinki and get the local money out from it. Then, there are some companies that accept Bitcoin in Finland as well.

Bitcoin ATMs have been delivering quite useful services for travelers and an imagination where a person could travel to another country without an ATM card, and simply withdraw cash by scanning the Bitcoin ATM machine’s code with his phone and exchanging a few coins on the spot, has become reality now.

Any such concept seemed unthinkable Bitcoin is making it possible. Though extreme fluctuations in the exchange value of Bitcoin is a major concern for customers, experts believe that it will last for the next couple of years, and once it is settled, it will be better world for Bitcoin and its customers.

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