CoinTerra™ Releases Second Batch of Specialized ASIC Mining Equipment

CoinTerra™ Releases Second Batch of Specialized ASIC Mining Equipment
CoinTerra™ Releases Second Batch of Specialized ASIC Mining Equipment

CoinTerra™ Releases Second Batch of Specialized ASIC Mining Equipment

CoinTerra™ – the performance and new value leader in Bitcoin ASIC Mining solutions has announced that it is releasing the second batch of specialized ASIC mining equipment at attractively competitive prices. With the latest equipment, the company is willing to add value to customers’ Bitcoin mining experience.

Ravi Iyengar, CEO and founder of CoinTerra admits that with the new TerraMiner II and the incredibly aggressive pricing on the TerraMiner IV, his company is going to redefine the market for profitable Bitcoin mining. He also says that his aim is to put customers first and foremost by introducing high-end Bitcoin mining equipment.

A Team of Expert and Seasoned Professionals behind the New Equipment

CoinTerra which is being led by a team of world-renowned chip designers, mathematicians and Bitcoin community pioneers has been in the news for its $1.5M seed round of funding from a range of private Angel investors. The funding seems to be helping the company and will produce better returns for the investors who saw a lot of potential while funding it.

According to the company source the new 1 TH/s TerraMiner™ II will retail for $3499. He says that it is an entry-level Bitcoin mining solution designed for the best price/performance ratio in the industry and scheduled for delivery in early January 2014. It will be powered by CoinTerra’s proprietary high-performance GoldStrike1™ ASIC.



CoinTerra™ also clears that though the company had previously announced the first 2 TH/s professional Bitcoin miners, now it has announced a major price reduction for the TerraMiner IV. Now, priced at $5999 for January delivery to customers, it will be the first company to break the $3 per Gigahash barrier.

Talking about the best feature the source from the company says that both the TerraMiner II and TerraMiner IV are fully-integrated, low-power Bitcoin mining solutions. These features are ideal for customers who are looking for the most high-performance products in their respective class of entry-level and professional Bitcoin mining.

Ravi Iyengar also says that he is incredibly excited by the enthusiasm and support of the Bitcoin community as the company is moving forward towards its first shipments of the industry’s highest-performance, lowest-power ASIC devices.

Bitcoin observers say that CoinTerra™ is already ahead with its 500 GH/s GoldStrike1 ASIC which is being considered the fastest chip announced for the Bitcoin mining market and the lowering down of prices on the earlier launched equipment will give a further edge.

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