Cointemporary, a temporary online exhibition of art for Bitcoin

Cointemporary, a temporary online exhibition of art for Bitcoin
Cointemporary, a temporary online exhibition of art for Bitcoin

Cointemporary, a temporary online exhibition of art for Bitcoin

When Bitcoin is touching hearts, arts and exhibitions cannot stay aloof. Also, when Bitcoin is being represented in paintings and other forms of art, there must be some art gallery that brings them for public and in that pursuance an online art gallery has come up. The organizers of the gallery say that it is the first of its kind to offer unique art pieces solely for Bitcoin.

To be called, ‘Cointemporary’ it is an online platform that showcases artwork created by international artists. This is a ‘temporary online exhibition of art for Bitcoin’ which is being dedicated to a single art piece for seven days. The announcement says that Cointemporary will be displaying different works at the end of each week.

When the two artists Valentin Ruhry and Andy Boot came together to work for Cointemporary, they had not thought that their exhibition would get an applause and positive feedback. However, the two are now pleased that they took the innnitiative and now trying to display artwork created by different artists as well in the exhibition.

The duo also got a website designed in collaboration with With main office in Vienna, Cointemporary looks like an average type of gallery which aims to display the work of the artist in a wider visual content, free from a hegemonic monetary system where most fine art is embedded.


Buy Paintings in exchange of Bitcoin

According to the two artist friends Valentin Ruhry and Andy Boot Cointemporary is a platform that showcases modern artistic practice. They claim that the fundamental aim was to excite discussion beyond the typical concept of the rhetoric world. The best part associated with the exihibtion is that customers can buy paintings paying in Bitcoin.

Though there are several reasons why has Cointemporary chosen Bitcoin, the founders of the gallery say that they strongly believe that the digital currency has the potential of becoming a complementary monetary system. They further explain that their reasoning for choosing Bitcoin they believe that Bitcoin has the potential.

The two painters say that Bitcoin can play vital role in placing an artist’s work in a broader global visual context, free from the dominant monetary system in which contemporary art is embedded. According to them the outcome of this process allows for a degree of autonomy unavailable to contemporary artists and artworks at present.

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