Coinsetter Brings 5.0x Leverage and Shorting with Interest-Free Margin for Bitcoin Traders


Coinsetter Brings 5.0x Leverage and Shorting with Interest-Free Margin for Bitcoin Traders

Coinsetter that claims that it is a Wall Street built Bitcoin exchange for firms and individuals now enables Bitcoin traders have access to 5.0x leverage and shorting with interest-free margin. The New York City based venture capital financed Bitcoin exchange that is dedicated to making Bitcoin safe and reliable for active users.

Nonetheless, operating since 2012, Coinsetter offers a transparent and institutional-class platform with easy-to-reach customer support and the latest offer according to the firm is aimed at promoting the Bitcoin trading. As it announces the extension of margin trading capabilities to all of its users, it showed its happiness about the developments in that front.

Up to 5.0x Leverage for Bitcoin Traders

In a press release Coinsetter claims that whereas previously only select businesses were able to receive margin on Coinsetter’s exchange; however, with this new feature release, Bitcoin traders with any account type will be able to trade and short the deliverable Bitcoin spot market with up to 5.0x leverage.

The company also informs that the users can trade with margin by posting collateral of as low as 20% of the margin balance added to an account. Additionally, as collateral can be posted entirely in Bitcoin if preferred, and margined positions do not accrue interest–a feature that is unique to Coinsetter’s margin offering, traders are expected to profit a lot from the feature.

Elaborating his views on the offer of up to 5.0x leverage for customers, Coinsetter CEO Jaron Lukasiewicz said that the company has made Bitcoin trading capital efficient with the expansion of its margin trading capabilities, which were previously only available to business customers. Traders globally can now maximize their ability to capture Bitcoin trading opportunities.

Access to up to $25,000 in interest-free margin

Lukasiewicz was also heard saying that his company opened up its platform due to the success of the business program and from overwhelming demand from the public and according to him Coinsetter is now offering all clients access to up to $25,000 in interest-free margin at up to 5:1 leverage for the purpose.

Interestingly, he is admitting that for the first time, the majority of traders will have access to leveraged capital on the most advanced, low-latency and highly secure Bitcoin exchange in the world. It’s easy for users to create an account on Coinsetter, and once approved trading is allowed which according to several traders is best in the industry.

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