Coinkite Point of Sales Systems Add BlackCoin


Coinkite Point of Sales Systems Add BlackCoin – Coinkite, the worlds most advanced and secure web wallet system, recently added Blackcoin to its point of sales systems. The coin will now be able to get transacted via Coinkite exchange, and payment hardware terminals as well.

Blackcoin is now the third cryptocurrency – after Bitcoin and Litecoin – to have been integrated into Coinkite. As the exchange is already renowned for bringing Bitcoin and Litecoin into the physical world thanks to their much talked about debit cards, the same wonder can be expected in case of Blackcoin – a cryptocurrency which is still trying to find the top spots in the cryptocurrency market.


Adam Kryskow, the Blackcoin representative in the Unites States, also thinks Coinkite’s announcement as a “major differentiator among digital currencies.” He states: “Coinkite’s investment of resources into supporting the infrastructure of BlackCoin is an important indicator of the health of the coin. Coinkite is one of the most important companies in the digital currency space right now, and we are delighted to count them as a partner.”

And indeed, teaming up with Coinkite certainly can bring some fruits to Blackcoin. The former is known to offer the safest and the most powerful wallet. And its entry into retail sector has further reaped it recognition among merchants all around the world.

Blackcoin is already famous for its better-than-Bitcoin features. Merchants and consumers likewise are finding the former to be much easier-to-use than the latter. As Blackcoin is based on the renowned Proof-of-Stake algorithm, its confirmation time is much lesser than the POW made Bitcoin. The coin is also beneficial in conducting small transactions, a facility which Bitcoin certainly lacks.

The news is sure enough to help Blackcoin boost further in upcoming days. We will keep you updated with the latest Blackcoin reports via our daily cryptocurrency trading news.

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