Coinify Partners with PensoPay, Enables Merchants Pay in their Preferred Currency


Coinify Partners with PensoPay

So that Bitcoin reaches to a larger segment of customers, Coinify, the leading European digital currency payment provider, has partnered with PensoPay. According to the announcement the company has extended the Bitcoin merchant processing solution’s distribution channel through a new Certified PSP partner agreement with PensoPay.

The recently launched Coinify is a customized Payment Service of Bitcoin product which enables PSPs to securely enable their merchants to accept Bitcoin without handling any Bitcoin. The popularity of Coinify has gone up as here it helps merchants pay in their preferred currency. Thus, it looks more like business as usual for merchant and the PSP.

Like Coinify, PensoPay is a revolutionary solution provider. This internet-based, commercial enterprise serving as a single point of contact for online shops that want to offer their customers the possibility of card payment, comes with more than three decades’ experience in financial sector.

With the partnership PensoPay now has the right to promote, advertise, and sell the Coinify Merchant Solution. This will enable PensoPay Merchants to accept Bitcoin and get paid in any local currency with no risk, chargebacks, or fraud. The no frill payment solution is expected to help both companies and Bitcoin in particularly reach to new segment of users.

Talking about the partnership Ulrik Pilehave, PensoPay’s CEO said that the organization is happy to announce that it has selected the Coinify Merchants Solution as PSP product for its digital currency payments. According to him PensoPay can now offer all the international merchants a professional Bitcoin payment product.

PensoPay Comes with More than Two Decades’ Experience

He further added that for PensoPay it is very important that Coinify provides a solution that accepts Bitcoin on behalf of the merchants and that the merchant will receive local currencies. He admits that there won’t be any issues for the customers as it will be more like business as usual as they won’t be seeing much change.

PensoPay comes with lots of experience within the financial sector and the cooperation with number of domestic and international front-runners among acquirers and payment service providers. Therefore, according to the company sources it knows how to work towards solving its customer challenges, regardless the choice of card acquirer or payment gateway.

Moreover, as PensoPay offers one of the fastest authorization procedures on the market and it is officially ISO approved as well as certified by MasterCard and Visa, there is no question of its reliability or trust.

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