Coinding is running a Global Hackathon, To Award Over $5000 USD in prizes for Winner


Coinding is running a Global Hackathon, To Award Over $5000 USD in prizes for Winner

Coinding API which is designed to provide a way for games developers to use Bitcoin, without having to learn how to use it, is organizing Hackathon wherein it will offer attractive awards for the winners. The organization is challenging game developers around the world to integrate block chain technology into a video game.

According to a blog Coinding is offering over $5000 USD in prizes. The first prize of $3000 cash will be given for the best integration of block chain technology into a game. It says, “All prizes will be given out in Bitcoin, opening up the Hackathon for worldwide participation.” Thus, there is no limitation regarding participation, candidates from around the world can apply for it.

Coinding also says that it has built a public API compatible with Unity to allow users to easily develop a game that integrates with the Bitcoin Network. It says that they don’t need to know the technicalities of Bitcoin transactions, blocks or mining to start developing; rather, they need to just install the plugin from their platform of choice.

Once the plugin is installed on their choice of platform they need to take a look at API documentation to start creating the next blockbuster Bitcoin game. The organization says that users can then check out the API documentation as well. They don’t need to use its API to be a part of the contest as well.

Immense Scope for Game Developers in Bitcoin

It says that candidates only need to use the Bitcoin Blockchain to submit in any form that they can come up with. Nonetheless, though video games are often held up as one of the most interesting and important use cases for Bitcoin, so far real world progress in this area has been limited, with few concrete examples to point towards.

However, Coinding CTO Fabio Panettieri says that there is endless possibility for Bitcoin games that will only be discovered if we allow developers to tap the potential of Bitcoin and his organization is working on that. The interested participants according to him need to submit a game which uses Bitcoin, in any way, by Monday February 2nd 2015.

He informed that every game entered into the competition will be featured on the Coinding homepage, and the top three entries will receive the following dollar amounts of Bitcoin: 1st prize: $3000; 2nd prize: $1500, and 3rd prize: $1000.

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