CoinBeyond Partners with Bigcommerce, Enables Their Clients Accept Bitcoin


CoinBeyond Partners with Bigcommerce, Enables Their Clients Accept Bitcoin

Bitcoin is reaching to new levels every passing day thanks to the Bitcoin payments becoming vogue. However, the roles of the companies that are enabling online ecommerce websites accept Bitcoin payments cannot be ignored. To the list is CoinBeyond which has partnered with Bigcommerce and now allowing merchants accept Bitcoin payments.

Nonetheless, Bigcommerce’s platform which works differently than most e-commerce platforms for it provides support and a personalized website that allow businesses retain their brand, something eBay and Amazon don’t offer, have been looking for such an arrangement. Now that the moment has come, the two organizations are helping Bitcoin’s cause.

Bigcommerce facilitated a total gross merchandise volume exceeding $5B USD in 2014 and the addition of Bitcoin as an additional payment option; the numbers are going to expand further. Talking about the development, Noah Judson, CTO of CoinBeyond said that the integration showcases how easy the startup makes merchant Bitcoin payments.

He was quoted saying that her organization realized merchants are skeptical about the complications of a cryptocurrency, so they made the integration take the amount of time it takes to make a cup of coffee. He further added that joining the evolution of monetary systems has never been so easy before CoinBeyond.

Why Accept Bitcoin Payments?

CoinBeyond believes that though there are dozens of reasons to accept Bitcoin, some major reasons are easy set up with no training required; receive Bitcoin payments in USD or BTC, and no risk of credit card fraud or chargebacks. Additionally, as Bitcoin runs on a global peer-to-peer network and there is no private customer data to protect, it is easy and the best solution.

Nonetheless, the best part about Bitcoin is that there are 1% transaction fees that make it a win-win situation for buyers and the merchants. An increasing number of consumers want to spend Bitcoin when they shop, and they seek out merchants who accept it. Merchants can give customers a reason to choose them over competitors by offering them more payment options.

Founded in 2014, graduated from the Invert startup incubation program, and raised undisclosed funding from Denny Hill Capital L.P., international law firm Perkins Coie, and Technology Alliance Group, CoinBeyond makes Bitcoin easy for regular people to use as a normal part of their everyday lives.

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