Coinbase updates its iOS and Android Apps, Enables Users Link Bank Accounts


Coinbase updates its iOS and Android Apps, Enables Users Link Bank Accounts

In a blog post at the official website, Coinbase says that now customers can use the wallet on iOS and Android to instantly experience the power of Bitcoin as it is updating its iOS and Android apps. The company says that the users can link their bank accounts to the app and buy and sell Bitcoin more easily than ever.

Also, the startup wants to give users free bits when they create a new account on Coinbase. The company says that it will now automatically send the new user 100 bits or roughly $0.02 according to recent Bitcoin prices. Thus, it is trying every bit to attract new customers who wish to explore the exciting world of Bitcoin.

The company says that it strives to make the global economy more connected and for that it is opening up more than ever. According to the firm the open, inclusive nature of Bitcoin has the potential to bring financial access to the billions of people that aren’t adequately served by traditional payment infrastructure.

Nonetheless, Coinbase believes that there are many things that need to be accomplished before billions of people can unlock the power of Bitcoin, and its mission is to continue to lay the building blocks that are essential to making this happen. The company informs that the app allows users in the US and certain jurisdictions in Europe to connect their bank account to it.

Once it is connected, the users can buy Bitcoin instantly. Additionally, Android users will also be able to access some more detailed updates. Least but not the last, the Coinbase app now supports older Android devices going back as far as Gingerbread. The latest update is really geared at getting users to transact Bitcoin more.

Secure and Easy use of Mobile Bitcoin Wallet

Coinbase says that one of the most important building blocks is a secure, easy to use mobile Bitcoin wallet. However, it showed its happiness on the launch of the updated iOS and Android apps to make storing and transferring value on mobile easier than ever. Additionally, anyone with an Internet connection can use the mobile apps to securely store and transfer value around the world.

Nonetheless, the company hopes the users will try out the updated version of the app and send some bits to their friends as there’s no better way to understand Bitcoin than to start using it.

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