Distributes Free Bitcoins to College Students

321 Distributing Free Bitcoins to College Students – In one of the most progressive steps to expand Bitcoin’s territory, popular Bitcoin online wallet has decided to give away free bitcoins to college students. To avail this gesture, students are only required to make an account on using an ‘.edu’ email address.

The news comes right after the recent announcement of two MIT students that raised $100 worth Bitcoins for the undergraduates in the campus. In their announcement, Coinbase itself has mentioned the aforementioned fundraiser to be its sole inspiration. “We were inspired by this project and hope we can contribute to the growing interest of bitcoin among college students,” it said.


The international Bitcoin wallet servicing company is distributing $10 worth Bitcoin.

How Such a Give Away Can Boost Bitcoin Popularity?
A learning mind is always open to new ideas and innovations. And what can be a better audience for Bitcoin but a student who will believe to improve the technology, rather than reject it downrightly. We believe what Coinbase, and those MIT students, are doing is preparing a future generation for an open and transparent economy, which is controlled by people for the people. The liberal minds, when accumulated together, can create wonders for digital currencies. This give away might be a small step towards that direction, but it will surely open the gates for many customers and innovators to understand and implement the Bitcoin technology.

Is Coinbase’s Idea a Success?
Yes indeed! The website has listed a leaderboard, which lists the most popular universities, alongside the number of students, which have taken advantage of the Coinbase new scheme. The leading university domains belong to Illinois, Utexas, Berkeley, Purdue, Drexel, and many others.

As a true Bitcoin enthusiasts, praises Coinbase for their efforts and urges our readers (who are students) to try out this revolution called Bitcoin.

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