Coinarch Review

Coinarch Review

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Coinarch is a digital currency trading platform that allows its users to speculate on the future price of bitcoin. It sets itself aside from the more traditional exchange approach we have seen to date in the space, by offering traders the potential to profit from any sort of movement in the price of bitcoin versus the US dollar, be it upwards, downwards or sideways. It does this through offering a range of different products, each of which we will cover in this review.
First, let’s take a look at the management…


Mark Hergott

Mark is a Co-Founder of Coinarch. He has a diverse background including engineering, management consulting and project management with a recent focus on financial markets having worked as an exotic derivatives trader for investment banks in Hong Kong and Australia for over four years. Mark has a Bachelor of Engineering and Graduate Diploma in Business

Justin Tang

Justin is a Co-Founder of Coinarch. He has over 10 years’ experience in software engineering focusing on complex enterprise and web application architecture and implementation. He is also an avid bitcoin enthusiast and has been investing in bitcoin for a number of years. Justin holds a Masters of Engineering (Res) where he carried out two years of research focusing on Web Service Security.


Coinarch offers three primary products, as outlined below:


The booster product is designed for two types of clients in particular. The first is a client that believes the price of bitcoin is going to increase near-term. To profit from this increase, that client could simply buy bitcoin and sell them at a later date once price has increased. However, their profits will be limited to the amount of bitcoin that they are able to purchase. With the long booster product, the client can gain access to leveraging up to 8 times, and can dramatically increase the profits they make as a result. The second type client is one that believes the price of bitcoin will fall – and is called the short booster. The short booster feature allows this type of client to sell bitcoin and purchase them at a later date once price has decreased – pocketing the difference.


The maximiser product is designed for an individual that believes the price of bitcoin will likely not go too much in either direction (up or down) near-term. It offers the person with this belief the chance to invest their capital and in any attractive rate of interest over a set period of time. You can find out more about the maximiser product from this handy video here.
As a standard offering, all Coinarch members automatically receive a Coinarch wallet package – including both a bitcoin and a USD wallet. You can store all of your uninvested bitcoins in the former, and use the latter to switch and withdraw funds.

Coinarch ensures your bitcoin and fiat currency are secure through a range of methods, including Two Factor Authentication, Encrypted Communication, Infrastructure (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS)) across the entire system and Bitcoin Protection.

Closing Remarks

In short, Coinarch is a revolutionary Platform. Why? Because unlike its competitors, it allows traders to benefit not just from a gain in BTCUSD, but a decline and sideways movement. From what we have seen, no other platform in the industry allows this range of options. We are happy to recommend Coinarch to serious digital currency traders!